Flip Toons

1st draft by "The Brat Man"

final copy by "Shanomo"

other guy "minotaur66"

episode uno(1): boring introduction

------------------------------scene uno(1): tea making lesson-----------------

Sid is sitting on table. It is a long shot and shows the table and what he is making

Sid: hello and welcome to flip toons greatest cartoon in the world…long pause…

My name is Sid and ill be the guy that generally presents stuff to you…long pause…on a more random note ill be making a tea today. Now gentle viewers get out a tea cup.

Everyone pulls out a tea cup

Sid: this is a tea I made earlier it's got some weird green stuff around the edges but its only a couple weeks old so it should be fine but I still gonna make another for my gentle viewers to see! This is an important skill in life what if a king comes into your house and decides to have a tea what would you do then if I wasn't teaching you? Huh huh HUH! every huh bring camera closer to cid

Sid was stirred the tea while the camera was in close up, you cannot see the tea

Sid: finished! said right after huh bit

close up changes to long shot of Sid holding a small sheep

Sid: Sid isn't a cow! Where'd this come from!

sheep is thrown across (baa! Sound) table

Sid: now lets get to the main plotline! Lets go to that annoy ratter and woe his beautiful girlfriend Tess.

Sid walks of. sheep comes back on stage peering around corner then leaves

---------------------------scene dos(2): kicked out----------------------------

Sid is walking along up to ratters door. Ratters house is blue he painted it yesterday. Sid knocks on door

Sid: I come bearing gifts!

Ratter: ratter's was never here. Ummmm he is on, ummmm break! Yes break he is one of those.

Sid: well how come the house is newly painted then?

Ratter: frodick! … ratter pretending he's not there

side view of house Sid opens door and walks in. few seconds you see him get kicked out the house. Ratter and Tess walk outside

Tess: just piss of Sid.

Sid: let me think about that for a second inside.

Tess: Sid your either obsessive or just … weird.

Ratter: bugger off Sid, be Mr .weirdo somewhere else.

Sid: yeah I think I will there's more characters to annoy!

Ratter: umm yeah go do that.

Sid walks off. Ratter and Tess walk inside and sheep follows Sid

----------------------------Scene tres(3):downtown bogey---------------------

Sid walks on street holding a boom box witch is playing Mary had a little lamb Sid is singing badly to and trying to look cool. Bull rush comes out being followed by a golden boulder

Sid: that guy is bull rush but he's not a main character so don't worry bout him cause I'm way more important and also cooler than him. Now this guy I don't annoy cause he's obviously got problems.

Tripo walks into scene (ouch)

Tripo: life sucks, it always does.

Tripo slips on a piece of paper

Tripo: dam you god, dam you!

Sid: as he's talking boulder takes Tripo away by squashing him we've

Decided his name is tripo for some unexplained reason mainly because he is to angry to say anything other than curses. Moving right along to the harbour!

Sheep appears on top of boulder running fast

-------------------------Scene Cuatro(4): magic flying machine-------------------------

Sid walks into scene. Pilot's balloon comes onto set. inside Pilot and Jumping Jack

Pilot: Crosswind and navigratorial grad set in ratiolistic motion moon hopper. Ready to disembark in 5-90.

Jack: Sure, you do that Pilot I've got my anvil and snowboard ready waiting for signal!

Pilot: Disembark within the peak moon hopper!

Jack: Right!

jack jumps anvil trails him as if a parachute while Jack does weird skate moves in air and lands

Jack: Once again I am extreme sports king, put that in the record book Pilot.

Spindo comes in spinning of course

Spindo: Whatever I make up in here!

Jack: dam it Spindo again I fought I killed him yesterday .drop it, quick!

Pilot: uncarraging 10-40 mixture, moon hopper, out.

Jack: die Spindo!

Spindo hit by bomb and large crater in ground

Spindo: made up stuff here too!

Jack walks casually over to Sid

Jack: was up, Sid

Sid: hey Jack, went over to Tess today, rejected again.

Jack: you'll win her over one day Sid, I got Spindo pretty well aey.

Sid: nice crater to suits him, see ya.

Jack: g,bye

------------------------Scene cinco(5): Evil Fred----------------------

Back at Sid's home

Sid: We are nearing the end gentle viewer's just show you the Bad people in this show, since they weren't important in this episode. first of there's zero da he's so evil no one's spose to know about him!

Sid holds up zero da's picture as he talk's about zero da

Sid: and for the mentally lax that was zero da's face.

Sid then lets it go (floats to ground) and picks up another picture with random face on it

Sid: this is Fred I don't know who he is but he's definitely Fred. Well that's the end watch the next episode because it's way better than this boring introduction.

List of names I created for pilot to call everyone.

Jumping Jack- Moon Hopper

Sid- Navy Seal

Tess- Armouries

Ratter- Gunner Hermit

Spindo- Bayonet

Bull Rush- Cavalry Pike

Completed next please!