Flip Toons

1st draft by "The Brat Man"

Final copy by "Shanomo"

Other guy "minotaur66"

Site provider by "blue shadow"

Episode Cinco(95): Indian ball Rush

----------------Honourable Game show host One: Sid's warning---------------

scene as follows white screen, Sid's face in front of camera or computerized camera maybe animated camera? Well I don't know about but Sid's is defiantly there.

Sid: umm… Some people… might find this one… a bit… boring… because im not… in it… accept for this particular scene… yeah that's right… so some… no many might like to… turn off this one right now… and be done with it… ok with that everyone… ohh probably everyone's already gone… since as I said… is so boring…

Sid walks down the screen looking back many times

--------------------Supreme carpenter Two: The start------------------

News reader bobs news room sufficiently random stuff will walk across screen I.E. technical guy holding a power tool, guy saying "where did I leave that and looking under desk

N.R. Bob: …Everyone was quite appalled at there behaviour and are now being hanged by there toes. Else where in the world India is currently having it's "find the biggest rock competition" Sid is there reporting there.

------------------Elite hair stylist three: Western India--------------------

OK in India in the middle of a trench battle Sid on screen

Sid: I'm not here.

Turn camera to Spindo, Bull Rush, Tripo and I also added Tess because she fitted in this story. Gunfire all around paper planes shooting, tanks, cannons and so on

Tess: uhh can we get out of this battle itkinda makes me nervous.

Sid: Good idea!

suddenly in an Indian market shops are marked exotic junk, food etc

Tess: oh overseas shops!

Spindo: Trggggdr

Bull rush: Forest! Go!

Tripo: Forest sucks! Sucks!

Walking away they would be

---------------Magical rat catcher four: The Forest---------------

looking through trees at Four some walking

Shanomo:9 seconds of walking

Mysterious voice (that sounds like Sid): Grumbles

Shanomo:5 seconds later:

MV(TSLS): Told ya it'd be boring. grumbles

Shanomo: About 6 seconds

MV(TSLS):Ok that's it.

random stuff starts getting thrown at them

Tripo: Oww! Dam! It sucks! It sucks!

Tess: Hey! Who's doing that?!

Bull rush: AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH everyone starts running off screen

Spindo: Frggge!

---------------------Evil Fisherman five: This is a long story! -----------------

Our… Heroes/idiots walk into Temple a sign says "Beware the fall of despair"

Little children randomly say: Bewarer thee fell off detripnin…

Tripo: Despair Sucks!

Tess: Have you ever said anything positive in your life Tripo?

Bull rush: Keep going!

another sign says "go back now or else something will happen that's bad"

Little children: gooo ba-

MV (TSLS): Ok you guys are fired ill read it for everyone to lazy or stupid to do it…

Ahem "Go back now or else something will happen that's bad" like your bed falls apart for example…

they up to a small rectangular whole covering about 20cms of walking space

Tess: umm… Ok…

Spindo: lllllyyyr

Bull rush: Across!

They jump/walk across with ease they are now in a large room with throne with gold all around it and other priceless items… also there's a large rock on a table in the middle of room which has white and black checker board tiled floor

MV (TSLS): Ok it's a big useless, boring room with big useless, boring table and a big useless, boring rock really who wrote this script please tell me so I can insult him from a distance while throwing things.

Bull rush: Big Stony Rock.

Bull rush slowly walks over to table

MV (TSLS): Anytime… Grumbles

Tess: Oh this is exciting isn't it? Sarcastic

Bull rush takes stone! Sound effect: TA DAAAA and holds it up on high!

MV (TSLS): Oh fantastic! is it over?

------------- Fantastic waiters six: right nearly ended--------------

Looking at a distance at race track people are racing on it fans at end of track

Sports racing presenter: And there commin around the corner, commin round the corner-Number 4 in the lead, Number 4 in the lead yes and this doesn't matter since it's not a running race- yes- yes its not a running race- number 7 moving forward, number 7 moving forward- Fans at the end of track yes flip toons fans I believe! Never have I seen such a thing! Oh and number 2 has one yes valiant effort no matter what anyone about him having the smallest rock!

Goes down to pitch where our four heroes/idiots are standing then shows stage

Random guy on the stage: ahh… the Gudge everyone…

Crowd is quiet accept for people saying "Godzilla!" "Oww my foot" and a piercing loud woman's scream.

Gudge wobbles to number two the winner of the race and it's not a person it is a number two he's got a pebble.

Gudge: "The Gudge wreaks of disappointedness"

ribbon he drops says 123,469th he goes to our four heroes/idiots

Gudge: "gudge obviously says this "it took four of you to get this aey, pretty smart ones"

ribbon dropped says "IQ4 1 each" moves on to random guy Rock is very big about size of an elephant infact it has a sign on it saying "not an elephant"

Gudge: "The Gudge is quite surprised with the calibre of this rock"

Gudge try's to put "1st" badge on it… elephant runs away… Sheep powered boulder rolls past…


Scene fades out

------------ Emperor Rubbish Collector Seven: don't worry it's a quick scene ------------

White screen fades in

Random words on screen appeared: Last Episode of the season i.e. goodbye for now :

New words: Told Ya it was boring.

Screen showing all flip Toons characters doing poses appears