Two Faced

I pitched a tent at my crossroads

I put my knife to the fork

I couldn't cut anything as thick as pea soup

Camping just isn't my thing

But talk to me about the birds

Talk to me about the trees

Talk to me about all the words

In the world

And what they mean

Talk to me about the coffee houses

And the starving musicians

Cocoa beans

Ice cream and soda pop

Faded newspapers and

Yellow broken books

That's where I keep my expertise

Get me started on the problems of the Government

The poverty

The pain

Don't forget the destruction of the environment

Your yard is

My goddess

Invite me in for tea

And let me talk for hours

Until it freezes over

That's my neighborhood

I am intelligent

I am free

I am both poet

And bureaucracy

Just don't ever let me forget that

I am two-faced

I fit into no category

I bridge between the two

Luckily I am who I am

Because choosing one

Would kill me

I am two faced

And I think its time

I let that beauty rein

Superficiality only needs makeup

While being multifaceted

Requires a regimen

Talk to me about war

Listen to my artistic words

Just don't ever let me forget the fact

There is more than one side to