My head hurt, really really bad. That was my first thought as I slowly began to wake up. Not just any kind of hurt either. It was more like someone had hit me over the head with a brick. I lifted my head slightly and tried to open my eyes; the light blinded me and caused shocks of pain to travel through my head.

Oh god, what's wrong with me? Am I dying? That's what it felt like. Never in my 21 years of life had I ever felt so shitty.

An arm tightened around me and I Froze. A warm body moved closer to me, wrapped me in a cocoon of warmth.

What the hell?

I slowly opened my eyes, this time allowing my eyes to get used to the light. It still hurt, but it wasn't the blinding agony that hit my brain when I tried to open them quickly.

He lay on his stomach, his head close to mine. Dark hair fell over fine chiseled features and spread out across his pillow. Long, dark eyelashes cased shadows over his tan skin.

My eyes lowered, I couldn't help it. His shoulders were well muscled but not overdeveloped. The arm that was wrapped around me was well defined, even in sleep.

What the hell am I doing in bed with him? I tried to remember what happened last night and was rewarded with a new burst of pain for my troubles. I couldn't remember anything.

My eyes searched the room for clues and shock coursed though me. Clothes were everywhere. My favorite skirt was hanging from an expensive looking chandelier and my boots were on opposite sides of the room. The rest of my clothes were intermixed with his jeans and shirt.

What have I done? I lifted the blanket away from the chest and confirmed my fears. I was naked, and judging from the amount of clothes on the floor, so was he. Luckily, the blankets were twisted around me so we weren't actually skin to skin.

I have to get out of here. I inched away, careful not to disturb him. The last thing I needed was for him to wake up.

After a couple minutes of wiggling and sliding away, I found that it was easier said then done. His arm held me firmly to him; the only way to get away from him was to gently lift his arm and move away without causing the bed to dip.

By the time I managed to get away from him, I was ready to scream in frustration. I sat on the edge of the bed; the blanket wrapped halfway around me and looked around for a robe. I spotted a white one hanging from the bathroom door.

I was about to get up when a hand gripped my wrist. I started and slowly looked over my shoulder.

Golden eyes glared back at me. "Who the hell are you?"

I gaped at him. "Uhmmm."

His golden eyes flashed and he sucked in a breath. He grimaced and put his fingers to his temples. "What happened last night?"

"I…don't know." This time it was my turn to clench my eyes shut. Never in my life had I felt so miserable. It had occurred to me, that maybe he had done something to get me into bed; but seeing his anger forced me to dismiss that idea. I was back to square one.

I glanced out of the corner of my eye and found him glaring at me. His golden eyes fixed on my hand. I brought my hands down to where I could see them and gasped. There on my ring finger, sat a ring. It had a single diamond and these strange looking symbols engraved into the gold of the band.

"What did we do?" I whispered; my eyes still glued to what looked like a wedding ring. "We couldn't of, I don't even know you!"

I looked back up at him and the breath whooshed out of my lungs. Golden eyes surveyed me with a look I couldn't read, but somehow I got the impression that he really didn't want to be here with me.

Well fine! I didn't want to be here any more then he did, but he didn't have to give me cold looks. For some reason his obvious distaste grated on my nerves.

I pulled the top blanket away from him, wrapped it around me, and sprang out of bed. "I'm out of here." Twinges of soreness made me stumble as I searched the room for my clothes. It wasn't until I looked back at him, that I realized why I was so sore. There on the sheets was a red stain, a blood stain. He was looking at it with something similar to horror.

"Listen, I never do this kind of thing." His eyes flew up to my face. "I don't drink, and I've never had sex." My checks grew warm and I looked away. "Well before last night anyways."

"I just wanted you to know that." I said quietly. "I don't know what happened last night. The last thing I remember is going to a club called the Sweet Schaz. After that my memory gets hazy and my head hurts whenever I try to remember."

Some of the coldness left his eyes. He wrapped a sheet around his hips and got out of bed.

He was tall, he hadn't looked that big when he was lying down, but now he towered over my 5'6" frame. He moved like a panther, swift and powerful.

The view of his shoulders was nothing compared to his stomach. He was all lean muscle, his abbes defined and strong.

What am I thinking? I squeezed my eyes shut and shook my head slightly. This isn't the time to be ogling him.

A finger lifted my chin and I looked up into Amber eyes. I could see confusion and anger before they turned to ice. "You look at me with eyes that caress me, but your lips tell a different story." His thumb brushed across my lips. "Who sent you? Who paid you to do this?"

My jaw dropped. Who paid me? Was he serious? I opened and closed my mouth but no words came out. Finally, regaining my senses, I wrenched myself away from him.

"Are you crazy?" I sputtered. Rage coursed through me, adding fuel to my frustration and panic.

"Was I paid to sleep with you?" I growled. "NO!"

I jumped up onto the bed and grabbed my skirt from the chandelier. I regretted it almost as soon as I did it, pain shot through my head. It hurt so bad, it brought me to my knees.

"Don't touch me!" I spat when a hand settled over my forehead. I pushed his hand away and slide off the bed. The pain made it hard to walk, but I took a couple breaths and ignored it. I had to get out of here; I'd worry about the pain later.

I could feel his eyes follow me as I searched for the rest of my clothes. I ignored him until I found all of them, then I turned and glared at him. "Whatever we did last night, I want no part of it!" I tugged desperately on the ring. "As soon as I get this off, I'm out of here!" No matter how hard I tugged on it, it wouldn't budge. The only thing I managed to do was make my finger red and puffy. I looked up at him and my eyes must have shown some of my panic and confusion because he grimaced and started to walk towards me.

I backed away and held up a hand in warning. "No touch."

He stopped; his hand halfway to my face. I could of sworn I saw a flash of pain in those amber eyes, but before I could look closer, his eyes turned to ice and he dropped his hand.

"Listen, I think we…" What he was going to say was cut short by one of Beethoven symphonies. I stumbled around the room until I found my cell phone; it's shiny black surface barely noticeable under a mound of blankets.


Kieran's worried voice blasted into my ear and I winced. "Where are you? Are you ok? You're two hours late for work and the boss is driving me nuts!"

"I'm ok Kieran. I'm sorry about being late; tell him I'll be there in a bit." I didn't know how I'd be able to go to work. Just talking on the phone was making me nauseous.

"Are you ok baby? If you're not feeling well, just stop by the club for a moment and show the old man that you're ok." Kieran chuckled. "He was scared you got into a fist fight and were lying dead on the streets."

"No, I'm not dead." I only wished I was.

"I'll be there in a while." I looked up at the scowling guy across the room. "I have some business to take care of first."

"Alright, but don't take too long." I flipped my phone shut and without making eye contact, marched into the bathroom.

I avoided the shower. No way in hell was I taking a shower in this hotel. I needed one though. I looked in the mirror and grimaced. No wonder he wasn't thrilled to wake up beside me. I had major bed head. My long dark brown hair stuck up in odd angles and my dark blue eyes were blood shot. I looked like a clown with a bad hair day.

I groaned and looked away. Just my luck, I wake up next to a hot guy and I look my worst. The fact that he thinks I drugged him and forced him to sleep with me wasn't bad enough.

I started to laugh, then to sob.

I broke the code I lived by. I went against all that I believed in. There was no going back for me.

I turned on the sink and splashed water on my face. I washed away the tears and the grim.