Chapter 11

I stood looking down over the masses of dancing people. The music coursed through me and I could feel the beat thump in my chest. This was my life, everything I've known for the last couple years.

I was going to leave it. A couple words and a devastated look from Kieran and I was willing to leave everything behind without an explanation. I was disappointed in myself for following someone so blindly and trusting so willingly.

But Kieran wasn't just anyone, he was family. The only family I had, and I didn't ever plan on losing him. Even if it meant giving up the one stable home I've ever had.

I turned from my position against the balcony railing and made my way down the stairs. I had one last night of work and I was going to enjoy it. I entered the wreathing mass of people and started to make my rounds. First to the bar and pool tables and then back to the main entrance. I took my time scanning person after person, on the lookout for suspicious or dangerous behavior.

I jittered with nervous energy; there was something different in the air. I was waiting for something to happen that would justify leaving my home. I set off into the crowd, trying to lose the uneasy feeling that hung over me like a cloud.

Dancing wasn't something I usually did during my work hours, but I figured I might as well enjoy my last night of work. The clients were unusually calm that night, not a single drunken brawl. I moved into the crowd and planted myself in the very middle. The music washed over me and my hips began to move to the beat. Dancing was something I enjoyed doing and I was damn good at it.

Even dancing couldn't take away my unease. I was waiting for something to happen and the waiting was eating me up.

I felt something brush up against my back and then a hand grabbed my elbow. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as I was yanked around. I starred up into hard, golden eyes and froze.

I was uncharacteristically speechless. He had found me. My dangerous one night stand had found me.

He leaned forward and his lips brushed my ear.

"I need to speak to you." It wasn't a request, it was a command and with growing dread I realized a part of me wanted to follow him blindly. I took a step back and shot him a distrustful look.

I opened my mouth to refuse when he leaned forward again. "Please."

My mouth shut with a snap. There was something different about the way he looked at me. When I first met him his eyes burned with distaste and now his eyes were slightly softer. Determination and something I couldn't name stared back at me through amber eyes.

"Who are you?"

Author Note: Its been a long time. I've had a very nasty case of writer's block that just doesn't seem to want to go away. I once had a semi good story line for this story. Years of neglect and a new computer has left me with very little of it left. So if anyone has any suggestions on where this story could go I would be very happy to listen.

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