By Shion

Number Seventeen-thousand, nine-hundred and thirty-six: Kaitlyn.

"Come here little kitty, Katey wants to say hi to you." The blonde girl said, extending her hand to the black kitten three feet away from her squatted position. Her black skirt, shirt, gloves, boots and socks were clean and crisp as the morning sun rose above the houses her back was turned to. The kitten didn't budge from it's up-right sit upon the road, which emitting an air from the cold being stuck by the warm sun's rays.

"Come on kitty, Katey wants to say hi." The girl repeated. Her crystal blue eyes stayed stapled on the cat's red unmoving gaze, her smile unwavering as her fingers began to quiver from the out-reached position they were stuck in. "Oh fine kitty. Be careful for cars." The girl stood, walking away from the cat.

It sat there. Staring at the house she had been crouched before, looking through the window. The window's curtain was askew, but seeing into the house was still impossible from the glare and the frost.

The blonde girl shuffled her backpack around, walking up to a group of groggy teenagers and ignoring them, staring at the sign that read 'bus stop' until the said yellow vehicle pulled up. She hopped up the stairs, finding an empty seat and sitting down, pulling headphones from her bag and putting them into her ears, music already playing in them.

The bus pulled up to a school; there she got off, putting away the headphones without stopping the music. She walked into the building, trudging over to her locker and twirling her combo. She swung the locker open, nearly hitting a bystander before shoving her bag into the rectangle storage space. She huffed, flicking her hair over her shoulder and checking her watch. A Philippine girl patted her shoulder, catching her attention.

"Hey Kaitlyn, how'd talking with your folks go?" The girl asked, the blonde giving her a zealous smile.

"Real good, they said the movie was fine. So I'll come by at six on Friday?" The blonde inquired, her bright pink lipstick an off change from her dark clothes and accessories.

"Yeah, that's great!" The girl smiled, then headed off down the hall. Kaitlyn turned to walk to class, noticing a drop of red on her shoulder and wiping it off with one of her black gloves. She opened the classroom door, pulling a note from her shirt's inside pocket and handing it to the teacher. She sat down, staring at the American flag in the corner before shifting to stare blankly ahead.

The bell rang, and class started.


When she walked home, the cat was still there, staring at the house. She kneeled beside it, looking to where it looked, then smiling.

"Come on kitty, Katey wants to say hi." She said, patting the cat's stiff head before walking into the house, though no lights turned on, and the blinds stayed down. A pale hand fixed the askew curtain, before something hit it.

The cat didn't move from it's rigid pose, all through the cold night and to the morning.

The blonde girl came again from the house, looking more tired than she had the previous day, and wearing even more black. She crouched beside the cat, smiling.

"Good morning kitty, Katey wants to say hi." She said, though the cat didn't move.

Kaitlyn stood, walking to the bus stop to repeat the daily ritual.

Getting off the bus, however, she was met by a man in a blue uniform.

"Kaitlyn Mathers?" The man questioned, she looking up to him and smiling.

"Why yes. What can I do for you, off-ee-cer?" She cooed, he smirking.

"Where do you think you're going after school today?" He asked, putting a hand up to her shoulder.

"That depends on where you want me, off-ee-cer." Her voice purred to his ears, and he took a handful off her butt to bring her closer.

"Well then, report to my place before reporting to yours, or I may have to arrest you." He smirked, she planting a kiss on his cheek before giving a wink and heading into the school.

She headed to her class, giving her teacher a note before sitting down. He looked it over before nodding and waiting for the other students to pile in.

The bell rang, and again school started.


"Have you been being bad?"


"What now? Smack your mom around more?"

"I killed her."

"You what?"


"You're kidding, right?"

"C'mon Rick, don't spoil the moment..."

"Kaitlyn, killing your mother is murder, I can't overlook that."

"Why not? I killed Daddy too, and guess what Rick?"

"I don't want to--"

"You're next Rick."


The cat stared at the house unblinkingly as Kaitlyn walked up to it, squatting as usual to smile to the black kitten.

"Katey wants to say hi." She smiled, patting the cat's head before standing and walking into the house. The kitten didn't move.


The burning of the dry martini hitting the back of her throat and the pop-corn shot machine gun so far from the back of her mind and muffled by the plastic bottle.

"Don't you need to be gettin' to school soon, Kaitlyn?" A sloshed man beside her asked.

"Nah, I got another hour. But I am gonna head off now that you mention it Paul. I have a movie to see tonight." She grinned, stumbling a bit as she slid off the barstool. She walked home, wobbling ever so slightly, but not enough to be especially noticeable. She sat down next to the cat on the road, patting it's head. "Katey wants to say hi." She grinned, then stood and went into the house.

In a few hours the cops pulled up, sirens blazing and lights flashing.

Kaitlyn lay on the floor of the house, a dry pool of blood beneath a wet pool of blood, both of which she lay on. Her eyes were open wide, a knife stabbed through her skull.

Two rooms away were the corpses of her parents. In a corner lay the body of a nude police man identified as Rick Charleston.


"Did you hear about Kaitlyn?" A brunette girl asked the Philippine girl.

"Yeah, it's so creepy weird! To think I was going to watch a movie with her that night. Who do you think killed her?" The Philippine girl asked back, shivering.

"Hard to say. It's not like she had a lot of real friends, but she did have her share of enemies." The brunette shrugged. "See ya around Lynn."

"Yeah." The girl waved, then huffed. "As soon as I wash my hands..."


The black kitten sat staring at the now empty house.

It opened it's mouth, the first movement it had made in weeks, maybe even longer, and began to scream a rising yowl.

"Kaaaaaaaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeey wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaantsssssssss tooooooooooooooo sssssssaaaaaaaaay hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..."

A single second later it was a hit by a careless driver's truck wheel.