Red and the World of Angels
By Shion


A layer of dust cover the floor of the labyrinth. The dark tomb's walls didn't reveal the element Au under it's dust, though with a good broom the secrets could be revealed. Even at high noon the labyrinth was darker than the darkest nights and colder than the artic.

What creature still alive should enter such a place?

An angel, of course.

Flowing white hair and glossy gray eyes, a creature with red irises and a blank look might be an albino or just a demon. Dressed in a white suit of proper tie and slacks it seems so out of place in the dark, dirty and frozen hole in the ground. With a white cane that at the top had two wings smashed together as a silver handle.

Why would such a lovely pure creature tread it's pale feel over dust and grime of a labyrinth?

This angel was not another sweetheart.

Enter the angel unknown,

Sir Colonel Red Danmie.

A. N. : Sort of out of my element, I'm writing this when I'm bored in my classes. So it's a challenge story. Also, it's a short story, and it really is, unlike Immortal Dinosaur.