Soldier's Plea

Bang Bang

The noise still ringing in my head

Bang Bang

Didn't hear what the captain said

Bang Bang

Gazing at the countless who lay dead

Bang Bang

Oh, my heart is full of dread

Bang Bang

Why must this be

Why must this be seen by me

Will someone help me see

Please, Please, hear my plea

Why, Why must these men bleed

Yes, they have families

And people they they tried to please

please, please, please, please, please


Why did these men have to die

Makes the whole world cry

It makes you wonder why

Why, they try

And in the end they die

Help, will someone please explain

Are they truly insane

To cause such misery and pain

What did they gain

They were sent on a horrid task

So Lord, this is all that I ask

Of all the holy things you do

Let them be with you

I am on my knees

Please, oh Lord, please

Of all the holy things you do

Yes, let them be with you