My favorite sin

Forever embedded in my mind

You took my breath away

You stole my will to breathe

And told me I was worthless

Without saying a word

Silly child

I was only playing a game

Just a small one

Knives not meant to harm

Only to teach.

Every slice was handed to you on a silver platter

Your screams only filling me with delight

Your pain my happiness, your happiness my plight

Can you still remember those nights?

I can.

I told you not to squirm

I'm only trying to show you how I felt

How I feel.

I loved you, with every cut, I loved you

I promise to remember that smile

That striking smile that took me to another world

Your voice a melodic orgasm

Bursting gold at its seams

Promising tomorrow.

Every cut my darling

Just take it in stride

I'll keep this love a secret, even when there is nothing to hide

I miss those brown locks of hair

And getting lost in the sway of your hips

The effervescent look of an angel

Why did it end so bittersweet?

Pretending there can one day be a friendship

A friendship like before.

Now you lie under me

Bleeding all hopes of a future

Smiles never to be seen

Voice never to be heard

And yet, my love

I am not happy

The crimson droppings only satisfy the hate

But what about my love?

If only I could stop

If only my love.

AN: my favorite type of poem, love/hate ramblings. Lets see this was inspired by my relationship ending a few months back, and the music I am listening too…cruel intentions soundtrack (counting crows, colorblind. Makes me want to cry)