One Way

I had a dream that I died and went to heaven but they woulden't let me in

They said I had committed to many acts of sin

In the back of my mind I concocted a sinister plan

A plan to blow myself into the Holy land

In the Pearly Gates, I was going to blow a hole

Then walk into heaven, yes this was my goal

I knew from common sence that an M-80 woulden't do

But what if I used 10,000, some ducktape, and superglue

I had no luck with the ducktape thing that I made

So next I tried a handgrenade

After several failed attempts I descided to use C-4

Once again, even that, didn't bring down the door

Then I decided to use a nuclear blast

Nearly blew the earth into its prehistoric past

After the last stunt, I decided to use an atomic bomb

But in the mitst of doing that, something went terribly wrong

The Pearly Gates created a forcefield-like shell

The bomb bounced off, hit the earth, and turned it into a living Hell


There is only one way to Heaven.

So Believe.