As much as this writing can stand on its own as a sweet tale that is told of a Lady in passing, walking the Shoreline, when she is given to notice that a Man who comes to prove to be a mystery to her,has somehow gotten hmself lodged in a most unlikely place, the ledge of a high towering cliff where it appears that a branch of a tree limb has broken his fall... Is he dead or alive? How has he came to be in this locaion? With no thots of her own personal safety she takes off in the dangerous climb desiring if at all possible to be of assistance. Somewhere in the midst of this Rescue, a love though not sought is found and in the process help from a nature divine is bestowed when it would seem that all hope is lost.

If you should happen to desire more of "How" it is that this Man of Mystery has gotten himself lodged on this cliff then please turn to:

A Nymph's Adultery by: Muirandrid Endomiel

The tale of a woman's unfaithful love, and the jaded man's quest for freedom from the memories.
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The jagged cliffs loomed so high that clouds seemed to hold the highest of them in a shrouded mystery. Early morning had found me walking the shoreline as more water from the flowing well I needed to load into containers as my supply was dwindling so quickly and once the water gathered in, what better way to spend a morning than simply walking the sandy shore. This morning seemed so different in that there was a haze, a smokiness in the air that at this time of the year not usually was present for mornings were warm and a fire in fireplaces not desired so why that burning smell, that scorched scent that filled the air and bit at my nose… thots turned to the nearby forests way up atop the cliffs where settlers were few and far between. Where life so primitive and simplicity at its best was lived. Somehow the scent was not that of a forest ablaze but something didn't seem quite right… Thinking I would not continue at this time my shoreline walk rather to get to my car and drive that passage of dirt road that winds on the back side of the cliff, that road that hardly ever anyone ventures… on turning to make my way back I stopped suddenly in my tracks for there he was, a man dangling from past midway down the cliff with shirt ripped and barely had a tree limb broken his fall. My heart began to pound as I made my way to him. My feet bare with grass of the dunes now biting at my legs as I started the cliff climb and soon the grass giving way to courser turf with briars that scratched at my arms and then the thorns that made journey even more so pain filled with loose rocks giving way so that a few steps forward meant too a couple of steps backward but then I heard it, a quiet barely audible moan coming forth from this man tangled and bleeding. With one last great effort I reached his side and took note that he seemed to be barely breathing. As I took hold of his hand he felt so cold and I could not help but to notice deep gashes where scar tissue had formed on his body and where healing had taken place without stitches that more so would have aided this man's healing but now here he was bleeding from new wounds caused by his crashing down the ragged cliff were sharp pointed rocks formed into the cliff and jutting outwards. From his hand I felt for his wrist and noting his pulse could barely be felt. Oh dear man who are you I thot and then, Oh how am I ever to get you to safety. It was so early a day and dawn hardly broke. Not another soul was anywhere and for miles the shoreline dotted only by a few fleeting seagulls. Oh you dear precious man I thot as I then took your face gently into my hands and gave just a hint of a movement to it thinking you would give to me some sort of a response. Please don't die here on me I silently pleaded. Oh please just don't die here…please… Oh and what am I to do as tears began to flow down my cheeks. It had been such a long time since a man's dying I had faced and…. As memories flashed… I heard it again… that quiet moaning from deep within his very being. I leaning over him and placing my face to his and my shoulders to his giving warmth and somehow the only comfort I knew to do as I spoke quietely in his ear, you are not alone…. The quiet moans became a little more pronounced and at quicker intervals as he seemed to stir just the slightest and for this my spirit took hope. Then it was as I lifting myself from him in order to take both his hands in mine and rubbing them gently that some color in his face so drawn and pale came to be. Once again my cheeks pressing against his while this time l maintaining the holding close of his hands in my hands. The moments seemed to stand still and how long a time had passed was difficult to tell. How long dear one have you lain here I thot and again I spoke in quiet tones into his ear, you are not alone… It was then lifting up to his forehead that I kissed him over and again while gently caressing his hands. Then I heard some rocks sliding down the cliff in back of where I was seated on the ground by his side and taking a brief look I noticed that his toes had started to move thus causing the momentary shift of the rocks that were sliding…. He seemed to be coming to, to be awakening from some place unconscienceous and looking closely at him noting that though blood seemed pooled about yet already clots had formed and only an oozing remained. This man's hands I could not help but to notice for they were hands of a man that knew not a soft life rather like the cliffs were rugged as well. So strong they were and as I held them close I willed him to please, please live….

…. "Ah! What is this?" I ask for a Seagull on winged flight has just flown over and hovers so close with moisture laden sprigs of herbs as on this cliff I remain by this dear man who lays so still only moving from time to time his toes while his moans becoming ever increasingly so. I want to shake him awake and revive him but not knowing if bones are broken I restrain this impulse with rather now not only rubbing his hands that are so strong and then it is that such a tenderness I can feel as I begin to apply a pressure to his hands and inwardly am ever pleading, please, please live…awaken please! The gull drops the herbs so gently by my side. "Oh Seagull," I lament, "Just when I thot no help there was to be had you arrive." I take of the herbs and touch them gently to his mouth, so dry and parched and the moaning ceases momentarily as he at first seems to be startled by the sensation then hungrily laps, taking in of the moisture. I give a bit of a crush to the herbs and so pungent with scent they are. It is then he seems to shift his back on the ground and tries to make attempt to lift his head. More herbs with moisture I place on his lips and as a few tiny leaves I allow to settle on his tongue. He seems to begin to chew on them all the while continuing to shift his body ever so slight. A few more leaves with the moisture drops forth and each drop as though healing with now my concern ever increasing for as he shifts then so too do the rocks surrounding us and… oh there just simply can not be a landslide… there just can not be! As he continues to try so desperately to lift himself to a seating position I gather myself so as to place his head in my lap and in that adjustment to his body he then relaxes with the struggling to lift himself at rest and then to my amazement for the Seagull returns with more of the moisture laden herbs of healing and just when the last moisture he had drank in from that first care package as it were drop from the Seagull. Oh this dear man I consider and with new vigor I feed to him of the healing moisture laden herbs and then it is I realize that all the moans signaling pain have ceased and in place a deep breathing has settled into his being and into a deep restful sleep he has fallen. I can feel his body warmth returning as that chill of death leaves. I think as I hold his head and ever stroking so gently his hair that surely some seaside lovers of the shore will come into view from this cliff but hard as I strain to see someone no one is to be found. Only miles and miles of shoreline. Empty shoreline that at any other time I would have treasured as so much I value my privacy, yet now to have someone to call out to for, "Help" and no one…. Now and again only a slight movement he makes and again I speak quietly to him that, "You are not alone…" Deep rest again settles on him and I too seem to relax in the midst of my concerns of how to reach safety and then I feel myself drifting quietly asleep as my face gently rests on his forehead, as my lips kissing him gently, as in the distance the Seagulls are soaring on winged flight high above the waters of the shore…

…. Then it was I began to stir a bit on awakening wondering how long had I been seated on this ledge of sorts, mid way on a high towering cliff of majestic beauty just in the shadows of the brilliant sea with waters so vast that on the other side no appearing of land for it is a place where sea meets with horizon and expanse seems ever to roll on as the tides wash the shore. The gulls had quieted themselves and once again dotting the shoreline making swift soaring only so infrequently to then dive in the waters and returning with a fish in beak to take nourishment while alighting a top a pier nearby. So strange the moments for even though the day surely must be wearing on, yet still not another soul in sight.. only quiet, quiet, peaceful and tranquil quiet. The dear man who so in anguished pain, bleeding and moaning in unconscious agony who had a comfort and healing found by the moisture laden herbs seagull supplied and sleeping deeply while in my lap propped up I so marveled at. Such a mystery he was to me and I grew a desire in the moments to pass to know of him. How had it happened that we had met? Ah yes, it was as I walked the shore, my beautiful place where sanctuary I find and in the mist found him as my eyes to the cliffs did roam… but beyond that, How had it been that we have come into this contact. Why here it is I know him not and yet… I feel that it is I know him profoundly. Ever do I continue to stroke his hair and then to rest my hand upon his face with his color now in full radiance. All signs of a death that was lurking now vanished away. Dear Man, "Who are you?" Are the thots on my mind. Though day is tranquil, the sun seems hid beneath the clouds that are not of the ones that are deep dark and heavy in nature feeling rather the kind that are more so grey.. and cast a light feeling. Gentle breezes are blowing in from off the shore. It is good I ponder that these clouds are present or else the day now wearing on so warm would be. Again it is I seem to drift off in slumber as my face returns to rest on his head…. Ah so sweet the breezes that drift towards us, so refreshing and perhaps soon dear man you will awaken…

…I awakening and feeling a stiffness that had settled into my body when all of a sudden a cooler gust of wind blew to where we remained seated, it was then this man of mystery was also given to awake… It was sometime nearing the late evening for at long last after so many the hours had passed that the rays of the sun shone full on us as the sun was nearing the horizon. I began to calculate in my mind that arrival time to this deserted shore had been at start of day, oh 'bout 6 a.m. when it was to the Flowing Well that I came with carriers to gather of the fresh water so blissfully cold and thirst quenching and here now it must be nearing nine in the evening… I smiling down on his face and saying, "Hi, you can call me Gabriella. You are mid way on a cliff and I must encourage you not to move too very much for it seems rocks have loosened and a landslide I fear." It is then this dear man gives me to know that Titan I may call him by as to his ribs and side his hand travels and finding a sticky glob of clotted blood… "Titan, I could not help but to notice that deep are your scars where wounds at another time you have known and far as I can tell none of them were torn again to bleed forth for it appears the blood has came from wounds anew. You must have toppled from this cliff and by chance did you note before your fall some burning in a clearing way up on high for it was a haze and biting burning scent that gave me first signal to look in this direction?" At that question Titan's face so basking in the glow of setting sun suddenly went dark as from some place in memory… Titan, wait, I am sorry… no questions o.k.? Well, at least from any past for hurt I can not help but to know now registers on your face. You are mending in body and what ere betided thee…well, healing will take place. At that once again the color returns and I want so much to see that radiance in his face again when Titan says, "What say we slowly scoot and creep back away from the edge of this hang out over this cliff, and find our way back by those hard rocks that are deeply embedded in the cliff?" With that we proceed ever so slowly and as a most welcomed place of refuge is found, the ledge where we had encamped for a day that seemed time had forgotten suddenly buckled and crashed, going off into the sea while sprays of water shot forth dozens of feet high. Glancing about the rocks where Titan and I now settled in I could not help but noticing some runes as it were carved into the rocks of the cliff. "Titan, oh my goodness, who could it have been who carved these words… 'Aimlessly wandering, thoughtlessly pondering, I'm lost in this lonely life. Hopelessly floundering, pointlessly struggling, I'm caught up in the chains of strife. Maybe with wings, maybe with hope, I can arise above the drowning waves. Maybe with heart, maybe with love, this old soul can yet learn to again be brave. But still aimlessly, and oh so thoughtlessly, I wander through these twisted trails. Still hopelessly searching, and pointlessly seeking, I cannot pierce this clouded veil. Maybe with need, maybe with time, I'll climb these walls so high. Maybe with strength, maybe with wings, I'll finally be able to reach that peek so high…Maybe'…and Titan gave reply, "Well, so it is that twisted trails there must be here. Night is fast approaching so what say we make the best of the moments we have here and come dawn anew when day is fair, well, what say we search? There must be a trail that will lead us to that Flowing Well you speak of from some other direction than taking the shoreline walk." With that Gabriella and Titan with arms engulfing one the other settle in for the evening listening as far in the distance the waters that had been so quiet through the day's passing now breathtakeningly beautifully they crash the shoreline making for a splendour that to the hearing gives revitalization and relaxation. The zephyrs blow gentle and Seagulls in the distance take flight with wings spread wide.