Icey Blue

I look into those grass green eyes

And see all the old, tiresome lies

What you used to say

Would take my breath away

But now the words seem so empty, so dull

None of the emotion they were supposed to be full

None of it is there, just empty lies inside

No heart is there, inside you have died

And left me with no reason to live

No reason to go on, nothing more to give

My ice blue eyes are now empty, too

Gone is the happiness, all because of you

Love used to lay there, shining from my eyes

But now they are dull, dead from all your lies

Can anyone defrost the ice around my soul?

And take away the memory, to once again make me whole?

Can anyone love me, after his deception?

Or will I be too afraid, and make a misconception?

I just want to be loved, and held like I'm dear

I just want to be important, and to let go of all the fear

I just want a lover, to make me feel alive

I just want a man, to make me feel again inside

I want someone to see beyond the icey blue

And take me away of the haunted memories of you

A/N: What do you think? I actually like this one. I don't know what you think this says, and I won't tell you what it says to me. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.