Love...Is Just Love

Love is a strange thing. Love is great. But where there's love there's hate. Where there's love there's fear. And because in love there is happiness, there is also sadness. Love can be holy and pure, while it can be the complete opposite. Love is too great a thing to be expressed through such a small word, yet it is too great to be said with an end. Love is infinite, yet so short. Love is...a million things in one, and one thing in all. It is sweeter than candy, more beautiful than a rose, more delicate than a dry leaf, stronger than any steel, higher than any tree, more out of reach than any star, but closer to the heart than any other emotion. Love is any and every feeling a person can feel, but then again it is only love. It can be a harmless poison, or a deadly venom, but it can also be a remedy, a healing medicine. A key to understanding life, yet a key that doesn't exist. It is inexplainable. But then how can a person know what it is just by hearing that one small word? Because love cannot be known, cannot be understood, but only felt. Love exists as all things do, but it's only purpose is to be felt and be spread. Though unlike other existence, love's one purpose is not one, and is also greater than any number of meanings. Love is also its own question and its own answer. It is a secret uncovered and a truth known much too well. All of this is love yet much more. If you ask 'What is love?' there is no answer. One can try but merely end up finding out that one cannot give an answer with a definite end except to say that just love.