Emotions of the deep and divine, they flow through me and overwhelm me as the tide of an ocean covers the sand. He acts as a guide, leading me from darkness and into the night, gifting me with ecstasies and greater desires. May this flame burn on forever..

Love is a poison, but so is hate. The secrets one held that the other ate. Within them lies a truth so true. But the truth is unclear as a lie. So where is the antidote for the death that you feel? The venom for the heart, not the body or mind..

A secret so deep that even in your heart you cannot confide, there is no one to trust with it, even yourself. It scares you and it longs for you at the same time. It wants to be found and held closely. What secret could it be? What does it whisper to you?

She is insane, she is insanity, she is clouded. Darkness is what soothes her at night, hides her in the day. Death is her closest friend, its whispers calming when drowned in fears. Screams and cries are music, torture and madness a dance..

Laugh it out, cry to tears, yell and shout and scream 'til you're deaf. It won't help you, only stop you. Do something about it, don't go wild, don't be blind and pretend you don't know a thing. Don't ignore it, it won't go away. Just do something.

What does love do when it's not there? It bleeds your heart and leaves you bare..

To those who romance does not intrigue, I'd like to give them beauty. To those who charm does not attract, I'd like to give them passion. And to those who love does not hold, I'd like to give them affection.

I have no doubts in my love. I have no doubts in his. I love him and he loves me. That's just the way it is.