Can you see what I see,

Is it that she's different from you and me,

Can she smile and make you believe,

All the lies she decides to weave,

Callous thought run through your mind,

All those thought ordained unkind,

Is it that's she how you see,

How you wish yourself to be,

She is true to thoughts outside,

The same thoughts you force yourself to hide,

The things you wish you never knew,

All the things that are so true,

Independence in her mind,

Makes you wish that you could find,

Amendments you made yourself do,

In your mind you haven't lived through,

Those nights you cried yourself to sleep,

She was there cutting in deep,

Her mind she wears on her sleeves,

Things you want desperately to believe,

You cannot even hope,

For a time when you will mope,

Is it that's she's how you find,

Those things inside your hideous mind,

To be true unless you smile,

Hide away for while,

Withhold those things that make your cry,

Those things that make you want to die,

Is it that's she's more than true,

She doesn't hide her mind like you,

When you see her around the you life,

Its her your wish you didn't strife,

You are cruel to her its seems,

Because she knows just what you mean,

You wish you didn't have to be,

That someone who can so clearly see.