one sunday in october

the world went to sleep,

never to wake up.

sirens wailed in the distance.

they belonged to emergencies

that would never be resolved,

to pain that would never cease.

to silence

that lasted.

the rain ended after a week,

leaving puddles in fields

that would never dry.

cold winds that blew today

would not exist tomorrow.

you said you were coming home,

but the dark and the silence

and the sleep had ravished millions,

left none untouched.

you're not returning.

halloween was not so far,

but few would be awake then.

no children who would dress as strangers,

no strangers who would become friends.

all sleeping foes,

all foes asleep.

one sunday in october

the world went to sleep.

painted itself in shades of grey

and settled quietly into oblivion,

never to see another sun rise or set,

never to see the children grow and learn

and die.

one sunday in october

the world wrapped itself in silence

and said goodbye

and let everything go.