If, Then

How can you possibly be satisfied with an ending

A goodbye, a farewell

When you know very well that your ties are bound to be severed

Indirectly, gradually

It's inevitable

How do you find the proper words

The perfect words

To send someone into a whirlwind of hell

That you yourself are being forced into

Why do we stay up late, tossing and turning, over things we should've said

Instead of just saying them ourselves

Although it may be too late

These broken relationships seem so empty with the distance added in

Nothing to fill the space between

Except geographical features

But that, in the human mind, only intensifies the gap

For we know all of those features stand in the way of us and our loved ones

How can you possibly say goodbye to someone

Whom you've known for what seems like your whole life

But really is just a couple of years

How can you possibly comprehend all these emotions

And convey them in a few simple words

Or maybe, do we figure

That if we just mutter a single word

All is understood

Do we assume that just because we felt this agony

And we felt this restlessness

That they did too

Or is it all just in vain

Aren't all relationships bound to die out

Aren't they all destined for failure once land and sea butt their way in

Or is it possible to keep a relationship alive

Keep a friendship fresh as an ever-blooming rose

How can you sum up years of jokes

Years of fun, tears, laughter, good times, bad times

How do you find closure with all of that lingering past the boundaries of goodbye

The wall of farewell, with so many holes and flaws imbedded into its structure

Allowing leftover loneliness to seep on through

Burning scars into our hearts

Etching memories in our minds

Instilling the hopelessness

The impossibility

That we try to push away to the back of our minds

To continue with our regularly scheduled lives

Yet find it creeping back in, slowly but surely

Until it fills us up

Until we realize just what does fill that gap, if not land

Then words not said