Day 1

02.02.44 Earth Slandered Time(EST) (12/13/3999)

Club District, New Chicago, Luna, Sol System

The car drove up to the front of one of the busier, if not classier, establishments in New Chicago. Its driver got out and opened the trunk. Inside four small cylinders were strapped to a bundle of explosives; reaching down he calmly flipped a switch, watching as the timer counted down. +2:00...+1:59…+1:58. Smiling, he shut the trunk and walked away.

As he rounded a corner the car exploded, the small cylinders rocked to different parts of the streets. As the clubs around the explosion started to empty, the cylinders timers punctured the thin shell, on both ends. There was a inaudible his as a clear mist spread along the street. In the distance sirens sounded as Emergency vehicles rushed to the scene.

Day 1

02.12.33 EST (12/13/3999)

New Chicago Trauma Center, Luna

Klaxons echoed as three open-bed trucks pulled up to the trauma center. As soon as the trucks stopped orderlies scurried out and quickly brought the first wave of casualties inside.


An ER nurse ran up to one of the trucks; she climbed inside and started to mark the critical patients. The first victim she came to had severe head wounds, and part of his left arm was missing. She tied a red tag around his remaining arm and moved on. The next man she came to, appeared to have no injuries but seemed to be having trouble breathing, a puddle of vomit lay at his side.

She placed her hand on his forehead as she checked for a pulse, but quickly pulled it back. His skin was hot to the touch and it looked like he was sweating blood. As she checked his vitals, his eyes jerked open and he started to cough. The patient went into convulsions; blood started to ooze from his mouth, eyes, and ears. She instantly recognized the symptoms of hemorrhagic fever and yelled for the nearest doctor.


Doctor Martin Rodriquez nearly trampled a pair of nurses as he entered the ER room. Two orderlies were restraining a patient as an anesthesiologist tried to fit a mask over the patient's mouth. As Rodriquez walked up to the table, the anesthesiologist let go of the mask as the patient tried to bite him.

"Restrain him!" the anesthesiologist exclaimed, pulling his hand away. One of the orderlies placed his hand on the man's jaw, pushing it upward. The patient's body jerked as the anesthesiologist inserted a neck I.V. then placed another through his wrist. He quickly went limp as tranquilizer flowed through his body. The orderlies and anesthesiologist left, Rodriquez and two nurses quickly took their spots.

"Blunt trauma to the back, possible broken spine. Shrapnel wounds in his front side. Possible puncture of the left lung." one of the nurses read off the patients tag. "No name."

"Ok, let's get the shrapnel out, and then repair the lung. Get him on oxygen, 100% concentration," Rodriquez picked up a scalpel and started to open up the wound around the largest piece. Blood started to flow, too much blood.


One nurse placed a gauze pad around the sides of the wound. The pad was quickly soaked and replaced by another one.

"What blood type!" One of the nurses pushed a small sensor into neck vein and she withdrew it a second later.

"AB Positive," replied the nurse as she read the instruments screen

"Then get an IV hooked up!" Rodriquez shouted, as he cut deeper in to the chest.

He pulled out a quarter sized piece of metal and dropped it in to a metal tray, a second later he pulled out another piece that had punctured the left lung. Two minutes later one of the nurses glanced at the monitors.

"Good job Doctor, the heart rate is stabilized."

"Really?" Rodriquez questioned, looking up from his work.

"I got two pieces, but that can't be all of it?"

"Then what caused the stabilization?"

As Rodriquez and his head nurse turned to look at the MRI's read out, the other nurse continued watching the body. Before the doctor turned around, the nurse thought she saw the patient's hand move. She blinked and turned her gaze towards the man's face, the man was most definitely under heavy sedation. Then the eyes opened, she opened her mouth and screamed.

"DOCTOR!" both Rodriquez and the other nurse looked up.

Rodriquez took in the site for a few seconds, the patients' eyes where open.

His body was moving, sitting up. What the heck, he thought? The man was now sliding off the table; he advanced toward the younger nurse. Rodriquez looked around for a tranquilizer shot, his gaze snapped up as the IVs ripped out of the patient's neck with a wet pop.

The nurse was now backed into a corner with nowhere to go. Rodriquez vaguely realized that the head nurse had run out of the room, and then he saw what he was looking for. A small hypo-injector was sitting on his work tray; the red label indicated a toxic substance. He slowly worked his way over to the tray and set his hand on the injector. His head jerked up as the nurse screamed.

The man leapt forward with superhuman speed and grabbed the nurse; his head went down to her neck and bit into her flesh. He stepped away as the nurse collapsed. Rodriquez picked up the injector and stepped back, knocking several tools over. The man turned around to face the doctor, his face red with blood.

Rodriquez watched as he flung the operating table over, making a dent in the wall where it landed. He dodged the first charge, managed to inject the hypo-injectors contents, and backed toward a wall. The man turned and charged him again, this time he tackled Rodriquez to the ground. Rodriquez stared into blood filled eyes as the man pinned him, preparing for the kill. The mouth opened and blood poured out, then his skin began to bleed. Rodriquez felt hot blood flow onto his face, and then the body fell to one side. He quickly got up and ran out of the room. Rodriquez looked down the white hallway to see the head nurse and two MPs running toward him.

"Doctor! What happen?" The nurse exclaimed when she reached him. He was still too stunned to speak, but he indicated the operating room. The MPs walked in to the room, one checked the nurse as the other covered the body. They walked out of the room looking grim, just in time to hear a scream down the hall.

Rodriquez cursed, knowing what had happened, and then he fell unconscious.

Day 1

06.23.45 EST (12/13/99)

Coran, Centauri Prime, Centauri System

While the drama on earth played out a large crowd gathered in the pressroom of the Centauri Royal Kingdom. Reporters from every major news organization in the universe had come together to broadcast the Centauri Royal Kingdom's acceptance of an UN peace treaty and offer to join the United Nation.

The door on the far left of the platform opened, a line of military officers filled in, they took places behind the speaking podium. Two of the Centauri Guard stood by the doors, there white face masks hid all but their eyes. Dark black cloaks shrouded there body armor and hoods draped over their heads. In their hands they held long staffs with a foot long blade on the end.

Cameras flashed and reporters scrawled on their pads. In the mist of the commotion, three men walk in from the back. Two wore the Black and gray of the UN Ambassadorial staff, the other wore the traditional garb of the King of Centauri. When they reached the podium the two ambassadors took their seats behind the signing table while the king took his place behind the podium. With a flourish of his plush robes the King turned to face the audience. He waited for the flashes of cameras to slack off before he began speaking.

"I have come before you today to tell of the new Centauri Royal Kingdom! Today we will enter the United Nations and be welcomed with open arms. The Kingdom has allowed too much of the blood of our young men to be spilled, but today we will make that right. This shall… "

Before he could continue speaking, a secret doorway was thrown open and three men charged in. The man in the lead wore a black and red uniform that was a perfect match to his hair and eyes, respectively. On his shoulders he bore the five gold stars indicative Grand Marshal in the King's Army.

He walked up and whispered in to the King's ear. The Marshel leaned down in order to match the King's unimpressive height of 5'4". The other two soldiers, both clad in the colors of the Royal Guard, took up positions behind the Ambassadors.

"Your majesty, I'm afraid there has been a coup d'état. A division of armored units are minutes away from the Palace de Royal," explained the Marshal, quietly enough that the microphone would not pick it up.

"But who would do this? Who has the audacity?" questioned the King a look of horror spreading across his face.

"Why I believe I do my King!" the Marshal replied, pulling the trigger of his service pistol. The bullet tore though the King's heart, killing him instantly. As the reporters watched in mixed astonishment and terror, the two guards bashed the Ambassadors over the head with their pistols. From the same door that the king entered from a stream of palace guards marched in, their halberds sizzling with energy. . As the King's body fell, the Grand Marshal turned to his audience. The officers behind him continued to stay seated showing absolutely no emotion at the scene in front of them.

"Good Morning, my name is Joniven Colti'ir. As we speak thousands of my troops are sweeping across the planet. From this day on what has been known as the Centauri Royal Kingdom is now the Peoples Republic of Centauri. We will no longer submit to the forces of the United Nations. We are an independent body that from this moment forward pledges our allegiance to the Confederacy of Independent Systems." Exclaimed Colti'ir in resonating voice, filled with power and dignity. "If any residents of Centauri or Centauri Beta feel loyal to any faction other then the Republic, I urge them to leave within twenty-four hours. Otherwise I will be forced to hunt them down and kill them, I don't think we need any more blood on the hands of our new-born republic then is already there. I bid you farewell."

With that he turned and strode through the crowd of reporters. Once he was out of the door one of the generals stood, and moved toward the podium.

"Now if any one has any questions this would be the time to ask them." He said with in a cheery voice.


As the universe shook from the brutal take over, watching as news reporters franticly covered the breaking events as they fled the planet. Joniven Colti'ir strolled in to Royal estate. He returned the salutes of the guards stationed at the entrance, glad to see that they didn't show any resentment towards their new leader. As he made his way to master suite he detoured through the kitchen, watching its enormous staff fix the night's feast. He instructed one of the kitchen boys to run to the cellar and get him a bottle of vintage Mondovi Merlot. As the boy hurried away to the wine cellar Joniven snatched a piece of fresh bread. Savoring the warm, sour taste he recalled he had missed breakfast earlier that morning.

The boy retuned, cradling a clear bottle filled with a deep red liquid. He thanked the boy and snatched two glasses out of a cabinet. Ducking into a hidden alcove that opened up to a spiraling staircase he began the ascent. A minute later he slipped quietly into the master suite he would now be sharing with his wife.

The entire floor used to be the King's living quarters. It was separated into a master bedroom, a conference room, living space, a massive dining hall and, while several small sitting rooms filled with famous art from old earth and other planets branched off to the sides. One of the said rooms contained weapons from as far back as 1000 CE. He sat the bottle of wine and glasses on a small table, before strolling into the bedroom.

He noticed that the room was already filled with all of the effects from his old estate in the country. Surprised to see how quickly Amè had moved over their personal effects, he started looking for his wife. He glanced toward the balcony to see a woman standing and overlooking the capital. He slid the door open and stepped outside. He quietly slid his arms around the woman's waist, holding her in a loving embrace.

"I see you didn't waste any time moving in, my love," said Joniven.

"I saw you on the news today, your performance was superb," said Amè Clot'ir as she turned to face the new dictator. "No one expects anything," Her red hair moved seductively over her eyes as she encircled his neck. Joniven leaned down and kissed her, he quickly forgot about the bottle of wine as they both moved back into the bedroom.

End Chapter One