Pages filled with pictures

None of which speak a thousand words

They mean nothing at all

Thoughts of depression, dread, hate, torment

All locked behind the double doors

Of their solar-powered smiles

Yes, let's look happy

So when we're dead and rotting

People can say that once upon a time

We seemed to be alive

That's why I write down what I feel inside

So everyone can see through the lies

That dwell deep inside my

Brilliantly ashen eyes

Upon the day I die

When you finally realize

That I was never really alive

The stars burn the sky

Midnight black

And bloodless rain falls from

Clouds of smoky flesh

This photo album

A tomb of memories

Encapsulating my broken soul

Burying me alive





Will find my soul in this wordless crypt,

Hear the screams through the silence,

And finally be alive