Driving on the highway

Red eyes stare from beneath the bumpers

Of the soulless machines

Transporting their soulless passengers

To their all-important destinations

But I'm just driving

With nowhere to go

I'm just driving

For a chance to be alone

You've invaded my heart

conquered, slaughtered

Bleeding alive from the inside out

Beautiful death

Love, the perfect murder

I remember when you held me

When I was cold

The way you said

You'd protect me from the world

When you should've been concerned about

Protecting me from myself

Welcome to my desolate heart-town

Population: Nonexistent

You're the shady drifter in this hole

Beautiful stranger

Your love, the perfect murder

Sometimes I think I need you

Sometimes I know I'd be better off alone

Kill me and get it over with

So I can someday live again