The biting rain falls upon my face

Mingling with the bitter tears

Falling from my hollow eyes

Don't ask me why I'm standing here

All alone, looking down at you

With a rose in my hand

I'll give it to you eventually

It just takes time

This is one of those days

A memory in progress

One I'd rather forget I lived

I'm counting all the roses here for you

All the reasons they're here

But the only reason I can come up with

Is because I've been giving them to you

One by one

Each day that goes by

Those roses mean nothing to you

But they mean everything to me

They're your faded smiles, glistening tears

And everything in between

So, like it or not, I shall keep bringing you roses

And I shall continue to count the roses, the reasons

I'll keep coming with and counting the roses

Until the day

The cops come

And tell me to stop littering on your grave