You know how you just keep on loving, the same guy even though you know he never stays? Not necessarily the same guy but the same kind of guy. It happens to me a lot and the thing is, they all have "J" in their names so, enter this song.

Hope you can relate. :D Hope you like it. :D

Hey Jay


Hey Jay, it's been a while since you've been gone

Guess we've changed time was kind to both of us

We were just kids from a boy, now you're a man

And still you hold my heart in the palms of your hand


But love is cruel and I'm the fool who keeps believing on what was,

Am I to blame, eternal flame, whispers the same, whispers your name,

Hey Jay,


Hey Jay, why'd you leave me like that

Hey Jay, why'd you keep coming back

Same style, smile deadly hi,

Same gleam sparkling in your eyes…

Hey Jay, do you love me that bad?

Do you remember the love that we had

Just when I though I was over you

You come back and baby, I'll love you


Hey Jay, must you pick on me this way

Was it any wonder that I'd carry this torch for you

And my heart once bitten now barely healed and mended

Seems twice as eager to break for you again


What am I to do? Do you feel it too? Come let us dance upon the air,

Stay through the night, come hold me tight, I'm glad you came, don't play your games

Hey Jay


Hey Jay, must you pick on me this way,

Hey Elle, maybe I love you that much,

Hey Jay, why'd you keep on coming back?

Hey Elle, I promise, this time I will stay…

You know the kind of songs that a guy kind of appears in the end, that's the one singing the line, and just so you know, my real name starts with an "L". :D