So it's about werewolves. It's not accurate to the actual werewolf myth, but oh well, just go along with it. Sorry that it takes so long to get into it, and for all the character introductions. Most of 'em will only be mentioned this one time. But I felt for some reason it was important to mention various people. They'll be more next chapter to explain things... but the introduction always sucks.

P.S Yes, this is a slash.

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"Let's sing bus songs!" Mary Halliwell suggested. She was a fake brunette, with big brown eyes and was overly cheerful all the time. You know those really immature people who are just completely irritating and all they do is bounce up and down, and giggle over stupid things like the word, "poo." She was one of them.

So were her friends, Terra, Belinda and Kelly. They all bounced up and down, nodding as if they were listening to head banging music.

The song 'the wheel's on the bus' rang in everyone's ears, but nobody ever bothered to tell them to shut up since the girls would only just snap at them, and yell at them for the next few miles on the road. Mat Lawson had to suffer this fate the last camp trip.

"They're so irritating," Eve Meadows, told her boyfriend Devon Marsh. "Why can't they just grow up! We're 15 for gods sake!"

Devon shrugged, smiling shyly, "Well 15, doesn't mean you're exactly an adult yet. And if they're having fun, who cares."

She rolled her eyes, turning away from him, "you're too nice, sometimes." She then began to chat away to her friends across the isle.

Devon Marsh was kinda small for his age, and wasn't that big in build. He had soft brown eyes and light brown hair that fell over his eyebrows, nearly touching his long lashes. He was pretty shy and quiet, so he never understood why a girl like Eve would even wanna date him.

Eve Meadows used to be the most popular girl in school. She was friends with everyone and could date any guy she wanted. Back then she wouldn't have given any time to Devon. She was too busy with shopping and partying to even think about the people who weren't in her inner circle. Till, she cheated on her boyfriend who was the most popular guy in school and then she was basically kicked out, losing all her friends and status. Only person who gave her time, was Devon.

She flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulder, as she talked to her friends.

These were her new friends, Katey and Lisa.

They were ugly girls who liked to believe they were richer, prettier and generally better than everyone else, Every morning Katey, the girl with dark blonde hair, and her big nosed friend Lisa, who's only good asset were her bright green eyes, would dip their faces into a bucket of make up, and spend the each 5 minutes of the day that passed, to apply even more lip gloss to their already blinding lips. They liked to believe they were cool because they spent all their time fantasizing over guys in magazines, and that's probably why Eve chose to hang out with them.

In the row ahead of Katey and Lisa were the Asian kids, Peter and Mark. Across from them were David and Sam, and ahead of those 4 boys, were the 4 Asian girls who were very interested in them. They were Kerrie, Wendy, Samantha and Laura. These kids were the ones who never got over the Pokemon faze and were still very avid players in the card game and fans of the tv show. The girls only pretended to be, because they were for some reason interested in those guys.

"Hey, Devon," Penny Garcia turned around in her chair so that she could look at Devon behind her, "it's a full moon tonight… know what that means?"

"Nope," he tilted his head.

"People will be transforming into werewolves tonight." She said, her grin wide and resembling a wolf.

Devon furrowed his brow," everyone? I've never turned into a wolf on a full moon. That's silly."

"No," she said, sighing frustratingly, "only people cursed with it."

Penny was a strange girl, with no friends. Maybe since she claimed she was a witch, shaved all her hair off and wore clothes she found in charity bins. Also maybe the fact she's very into mythology and witch craft, even though all her information on it is mainly wrong since she only gets it from cheap books from cheap stores.

"There's no such things as were wolves," Mrs Barker said to Penny.

She was a kind teacher who had just lost a lot of weight so she was now happy and very confident about herself. Devon liked seeing her so cheerful now since before she was very dark and moody. She agreed to come along to this camp with the year 9's, and sat beside Penny since she didn't want Penny to feel like a loner.

Actually, only a few year 9's were to come along. A certain number of students were only allowed at first, and they were named out at assembly. After that, only about 20 students were allowed to sign up to come.

Devon loved being outdoors so of course he wanted to go. For some reason his mother was very upset about it and tried to talk him out of it, but after a phone call, she just wished him luck and told him to have fun. He didn't think much of it at the time.

This came was called 'Camp Ewible.' Which by the sounds of it was very far away out into the bush land, with no civilisation what so ever. At least they may see a kangaroo though.

Some wanted to go because they liked fresh air, some went because the school was forcing them since their name was called out, some just liked to get away from home, and others were going because their friends were.

Little did Devon know that this camp would change his life forever… Well not really, just mentally scar him with this traumatic experience, but it did affect his money 'cause he had to pay for counselling.

After many songs from Mary, Terra, Belinda and Kelly, they eventually arrived. And like many had assumed, it was in the middle of the bush and with no civilisation for miles.

But something was creepy about the camp. It felt like there was a dark cloud over it or something. Or perhaps it was the very large stonewall that surrounded it with big metal gates. Either way, there was something strange about that place.

"Alright, stay together students," Mr Davies, the aging and balding, well-known divorcee instructed to the pupils as he led them into the gates.

"This place sucks," Benji Mathews, a boy who was made to come, told his twin sister Riley, who was also made to come. Those two were in the circle that Eve once was apart of.

Benji Mathews had dark brown hair, and matching brown eyes. He was a very good-looking boy, but not exactly that bright. He was on all the sports teams at school and was notorious for getting around with many different girls.

Riley on the other hand was bossy and sort of mean. She was younger than Benji only by a few minutes, but acted as if she were the older one. She got around too when it came to guys, but it was more because she get off on breaking hearts and causing pain.

The camp was large and deserted looking. It looked to be out dated, made many years ago or something because all the buildings had their paint chipped off, or windows were broken, and the grass was way over grown. I'd explain more, but their was too much to tell which was wrong with this place.

"Where's the camp owner?" Jack Winston, called out.

He was Eve's ex, and the most popular guy in school. He had light brown hair that was almost red and grey eyes. He was tanned and worked out a lot, also playing a lot of sponts like Benji. He was a jerk, but everyone treated him like he was a god anyway, because of how incredibly good-looking he was.

Mr Davis looked around confused, "not sure… He said he would be here?"

"Mr Davis!" The 3rd and last teacher on the trip, ran up to him, holding a note, "I found this on the gate! It's from Mr Breasley, he says he's sorry but he was held up. But he's given us all the rules on this, and where to get set up."

Miss Driar, a young pretty woman who had just become a teacher earlier this year, handed Mr Davies the note. He read it over, also reading out loud the rules, and then assigning people to their rooms.

The students then walked back, got their bags off the bus, and then walked to their rooms, which were actually cabins, set far apart from one another.

Devon on his way to his cabin, which was numbered 7, noticed not too far away, was a large building that Mr Davis had said was the dining room, but above it on a second floor looked to be a house. He wondered if the owner lived here at the camp or just came here to work? Well he guessed it did make sense to live here.

His room was small with 3 bunks. He had to share his room with Jimmy Abbott, the only African-American at their school and also was quite a wannabe-rapper, always wearing baggy clothes and trying to rap with his bad rhymes and off time rhythm.

There was also Gary, that emo kid who was depressed one minute, crying in a corner, and the next, saying how great life is because he's going to the Simple Plan concert.

The boy sharing his bunk with Devon was Frank Kelso who was big, tough and terrifying. He had stayed down a year so he was actually 16.

Kyle Peters was in there too, much to Devon's grief because Kyle was one of those boys who wouldn't shut up for 5 seconds and would just keep talking and talking and talking.

And last was Kenny who was quiet like Devon and kept to himself a lot, known to just read books or be behind the school smoking pot.

Everyone got themselves unpacked, and then went to the dining room for dinner, which these ladies in white cooked up. Devon didn't want to touch it. Not that he was a vegetarian like the pale and weak Susan Lyle, but because the steak looked very under cooked. But perhaps it was just his.

After that they were assigned free time and then off to bed. That's when it all started.

You see, during the night Devon had to get up and use the bathroom, since he fed himself only water. Smart move, he thought to himself.

He climbed down from his bunk, creaking as he went. He cringed in horror, hoping he hadn't just woken up Frank Kelso, he would surely give him a beating in the morning for disturbing his rest.

Luckily, though Frank was gone. Devon like most things, didn't think much of it. That is till he saw Kenny, Gary and Kyle also missing. He thought the boys must of snuck out together. He felt a momentary flash of hostility towards them as not being invited, but then he remembered he really had to go to the bathroom.

Outside it was dark and cold so Devon hurried to the bathroom. The bathroom was dark and also made out of stone. Really it was a hall that led down to a door that was for the girls, and the other for the boys. Obviously Devon went to the boys.

It was cement inside and painted blue. Devon passed the toilets, which were free and open, and the mirrors, which were on the other side with the sinks, and instead went down the far end with 6 stalls, 3 on each side of the room.

Devon did his business, while staring up at a small crawl space window at the top. He worried about the prospect of going back out into the dark… he felt on edge for some reason tonight. And when he heard the sound of someone coming in, it didn't make things much better.

He opened up the door, since he was done and took a peak outside. There walking in, was a wolf! An actual wolf! He didn't even know there were wolves in Australia!

It snarled, baring it's teeth as it looked around suspiciously before it layed eyes onto Devon's frozen body. It growled and began to run for Devon. Devon gasped, and slammed the door shut. The wolf charged it's head into it, and when that didn't work , it preceded to scratch and bark at the door.

Devon shook with fear, and almost wanted to cry in despair. He had to get out, because he knew that wolf would eventually find it's way in and tear him to pieces.

He screamed for help as he climbed up onto the toilet to try and escape through the small window. But what he saw shocked him… two more wolves were tracing back and forth under the window, smelling for meat. They looked up at him.

Devon closed the window and stood there, now silent, and still shaking. "I'm going to die," he said to himself, as the wolf at the door was near to breaking it down.

He screamed when the door did come down, and the wolf stared at him with its glowing yellow eyes. But before it could attack, another wolf pounced on it.

Devon felt relieved, yet still scared considering there was now another wolf in the bathroom with him. What if this wolf killed the original wolf, but then would kill him? Or the wolves would plot and kill him together. What if they killed him slowly? He began to imagine the pain to himself when he heard a dog howl in pain, and then eventually run off.

A white wolf walked into the stall. Devon gasped, tears now finding their way to his eyes, "god, somebody help me!"

That's when the wolf began to glow?

Devon stared at it hypnotized as the white wolf slowly changed into a blonde boy with electric blue eyes… and was very cute in Devon's opinion.

The boy stared at him intently for a few seconds, before Devon shrieked, "what are you!"

The boy walked into the stall, and looked out for safe measure, and then turned to Devon, "I'm Stan, and I'm a were wolf, you genius."

"A were wolf!"

"Yeah, the guy in here before was one too… or girl, I can never tell."

Devon looked down at his feet fearfully and closed his eyes, "this is all just a dream!"

"There are more out there you know," Stan told him casually as if it were nothing, "they can smell you. That's the only reason why I found you."

Devon opened his eyes, and stared at Stan confused, "why aren't you a were wolf now?"

Stan shrugged, "kinda complicated really and I can't explain right now since we gotta find a way out… otherwise they will kill us."

"Man…" Devon sighed, rubbing his eyes.

Stan raised his eyebrow at the smaller boy, "any plans?"

"Me!?" Devon stared at him shocked, "I thought you knew a way out! Or had an idea or something!?"

"Why?" Stan furrowed his brows.

"I dunno," Devon shrugged, "you come off as the hero type, I guess. Maybe 'cause you saved me?"

"Hey, yeah!" Stan grinned proudly, "I did save ya, didn't I?"

Devon found Stan very confusing but very comforting in a way. He couldn't explain why he felt so safe around this boy, but there was just something about him."

Snarling echoed in the bathroom. "Damn," Stan cringed, "more than one have arrived."

"More than one?!" Devon wailed.

Stan clasped his hand over Devon's mouth, hissing, "shh!"

But it wouldn't have made much difference anyway since the wolves had smelt them and were coming down the hall.

Stan pushed Devon behind him and began to glow.

"What's happening!?" Devon blinked, dumb founded and scared.

"Try to stay safe," Stan said, looking back at Devon one more time, before becoming a white wolf again. The wolf boy ran out of the stall and Devon heard the sounds of wolves in battle for the first time.

He stood on the toilet again and took a look outside. There were none out there, and he thanked god. He opened it up, and was about to climb himself threw, when he remembered Stan. He was sure Stan could easily handle himself, since he fought off that other wolf… but then again he was up against more this time wasn't he? And how could Stan just transform like that so easily? From what he knew, werewolves only changed on a full moon, and they couldn't just become human again like Stan had done. This was all very confusing.

But he didn't have time to ponder it further since Stan ran in, back as a human, and yelled, panicking, "get through the window!!!"

Devon nodded, and lifted himself up to it, when two wolves came in, with a 3rd behind them. Stan got up onto the toilet, yelling, "woah!" And kicking one with his foot.

Devon hurriedly tried to get out of the window, and when he did, he fell onto the hard dirt. Stan soon followed by him.

Stan sat up and so did Devon, the sounds of howling wolves being heard from the bathroom they were just in.

"How many is there!?" Devon hollered at Stan.

Stan stood up, brushing off his jeans; "there's always a few." He grabbed Devon's arm, and pulled him up to his feet. Devon blushed at the contact and then sighed with relief after that near brush with death.

Stan tugged his arm, "we gotta leave! They're gonna find us!"

That's when they heard a girl scream from the girl's side of the bathroom.

Devon halted, and Stan glared at him, "why you stopping!"

"A girl's in trouble," Devon said, "we gotta go save her."

"We?!" Stan sneered, "you can have fun going up against werewolves then."

"You have to come too!" Devon pleaded.

Stan shook his head, "are you insane?! I ain't getting' myself killed!"

"But you're a werewolf! You can become a wolf and save her!"

"I can't just turn it on and off, it doesn't work like that!"

"It did before!"

"I got lucky," Stan shrugged.

Devon glared at him, and wretched his arm out of Stan's firm grasp, "I'll go by myself then!"

"No!" Stan grabbed his arm again, "I don't want you getting hurt!"

Devon looked down at Stan's hand and then back up at Stan suspiciously, "why not me, but you don't care about what happens to her?"

Stan looked away, shrugging.

Devon tried to walk away, back to the entrance of the bathrooms.

Stan sighed frustratingly, "fine!" And walked ahead of Devon, still holding on tightly to Devon's arm.


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