He's my happy baby with vodka- eyes.

He's wearing baby blue.

Sometimes when his world is spinning

mine spins a little too.



At the teen house party,

he's the king

leading the drunken conga.

Some lamps are broken,

The parents won't be pleased

but it's worth it to see

everybody happy like this.


I watch my sexy baby blue

dancing with every girl

(and boy).

He's got a red face

and vodka-eyes that don't quite focus

but his smile is glowing.

And I swear,

even when he kisses me,

it doesn't stop for a moment.


In the morning,

when we all have heads like stones,

he's still dancing

and knocking back an 'Irish' tea.

And he still has his blurry vodka-eyes

but there's also traces of tears

that tasted forty percent.