They've seen the witnesses confess

Of the bloody deeds addressed

He became a cold-stone mess,

He didn't know, but he was blessed.

Tears of anger regret and scorn

He was only approaching the eye of the storm

Swirling to hellfire, he was too worn,

Those eyes never deserved the life he was born.

Between all the chaos, the nickels and dimes

She watched all alone from the sidelines

At this hell she couldn't define

Any more and she'd go blind.

A hand she reached out to the blade of his shoulder

And his eyes softened; once as strong as the boulders

"Trust me" she whispered, keeping composure,

He outstretched his arm and started to hold her.

Up and out from the fire, away from the flame

Those eyes no longer sout out to blame

She pulled him from those hurtful games,

He had no right to feel ashamed.

And in their perspectives, no longer in dark

Their lips joined and fired a spark

Only their bodies they dared to embark,

Within the night, he left his mark.

Two still bodies; out of breathe

Two hearts pounding in one chest

One long night and ten barrettes

A million memories-zero regrets.