When Angels Fall

Hope is beauty,
At her feet, the world,

A million flashes,
A million smiles,
And on the catwalk,
She flats in style,

But in this heart of darkness
Our hope lies lost and torn;
All flame like love is fleeting
When there's no hope anymore

Pain and glory,
Hand in hand,
A sacrifice,
The highest price;

Like the poison in her arm
Like a whisper she was gone...
Like when angels fall.

I will find you again, and when I do, I will never leave.

I will wipe those tears from your eyes. I will protect you always.

This is what I will do.

This is my promise to you.

Until that day comes

I will keep searching for you

"AAAHHH! What are you doing? Get out! GET OUT!" "Sheesh, touchy. Fine, I'm leaving. You'd better hurry up or you'll be late – again; oh, and put some clothes on."

She was gone; Darius fell back into his bed. What a weird dream, he looked at the clock next to his bed. "AIYAAA!" he rolled out of the bed and hit the floor hard. "Ouch, It's so late; I'm so late." He dressed grabbed a slice of bread and ran out the door.

Darius just sat down as Mr. Vance walked in. he took out his books, still breathing heavily. "Class, we have a new student, this is Christine Hikari, she'll be joining us for the remainder of the year. Darius looked at her, she seemed so familiar…

"Hey, D, ten bucks to the one who gets her number."

"Rick, you're such an ass!"

"Don't be like that Erin, you know it's a man's main responsibility to sp-"


"Yes Sir!" Rick was out of his desk and on his feet.

"First day of the week and you're already giving me trouble, come see me after school."

"Yes sir."

Rick slumped back into his chair; Darius just watched him then his attention turned to Christine. "I wonder why she joined so late in the year, the matric exams are nearly upon us. Why does she seem so familiar?"

The day passed slowly, lunchtime came, and Darius went looking for Christine. He went outside and heard singing.

He followed the sound and found Christine sitting at the base of a tree singing a story that told of an isle far away. An isle filled with song, with peace, with joy, an isle that is the source of all good things on earth.

Suddenly it stopped; Darius realized he was sitting down with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes; Christine was starring at him, "please don't stop, I want to know more about that Isle."

Her eyes went wide, "you understood what I sang?" "yes, it was very beautiful." "but that's impossible!" "Oh no, your voice sends shivers down my spine." The bell rang

She got up and ran back to the school, How? How is it possible for him to understand? And why does he seem so familiar?

Darius walked home while humming to himself. He suddenly tripped and fell down on the road. Rick picked him up by the collar, "heard you were alone with Christine."

"Rick, let go, nothing happened."

"Yeah, right! Like I believe you."

"I'm serious, she was singing."

He held him even tighter but his expression changed, "She sings!"

Rick dropped him, "Wow, maybe she'll sing for me."

He ran off just leaving Darius on the ground.

He got to his feet and dusted himself off, "What was that all about?"

"Hi Erin, he's gone to hear Christine sing."

"I see, you're acting really strange today."

"I'm fine, I just feel like I should know Christine but I've never met her before."

"Hmmm, maybe you knew each other in another life."

"Maybe, I have to go, see you tomorrow." He waved and turned the corner.

Darius slammed his maths book shut; it was already 10pm and time for bed. He walked towards the bathroom as the phone rang. He heard his mother talking, "yes, yes, it's fine, I'll tell him…about 10 minutes." She put the phone down, "Darius hurry up. You're meeting Christine in the park in 10 minutes."

He jumped up but slipped on the soap, he fell back into the bath; "Ouch!" he said rubbing his butt. He tried it again and was successfully out of the bath, the room and the house in less than 5 minutes.

She was standing by the fountain; she was dressed in a blue halter neck dress. Her blue eyes shone in the moon light and her silver hair shimmered. He felt kind of bad, she looked so beautiful and all he wore was a black baggy pants and a red shirt.

"how did you understand my song?" "You don't waste time do you?" "just answer my question?" "I don't know, it sounded English to me." "only singers from the Isle can understand the songs."

"I don't even know what you're talking about. What singers? What Isle?...what ever!" he wanted to leave, "wait, I'm sorry, stay for a few minutes." He shrugged and put his hand into the cool water. He started to hum a tune that had been on his mind for some time.

Suddenly he was pushed over, Christine sat on top of him her hands over his mouth; her expression was hard, "Do you even know what your singing?" he just shook his head.

She took her hands off his mouth and leaned closer, "never sing that again." She warned.

"Excuse us, but don't you two want a room?" they turned their heads to the left and standing in front of them was Rick, Erin and many other students.

They jumped up, "it's not what it looks like.' They chorused, Rick waved them off "Yes, it's never what anyone thinks. You act as if you're old friends but Darius has never lived anywhere else and we don't know you. Maybe you are friends from another life time." They turned and left.

We were much more than that

"I'm going home, you should too." He said wearily, why do these things always happen to me?