Chapter 2

Stop it! You have to stop! You're killing them! STOP SINGING!

Darius woke with a start, these dreams were taking it's toll. He looked at the time, it was 5:30 and decided to go for a jog.

He took a long drink at the tap in the park. "do you always come here?" he looked up, "AH! What are you doing here?"

"Getting a drink." Christine said, she had jogged as well.

He didn't say anything more and left.

Why do we seem so similar? What's the connection? I feel like I should know him but I don't. Could he have been exiled? But he knows the Selae, he must've been strong. What could make the council exile someone who can see the future?

What am I missing? I've lived here all my life but I know, I should know her. Something tell me she is my past and my future but which past is real the one with her or the one here?

The day passed by slowly, Darius didn't pay attention to Christine: she was trouble.

He didn't know why but he really wanted to go to the park, he finished his homework and left. The sun was already setting.

There was something about the park; a sereneness; that he really enjoyed. Suddenly he grabbed his ears, that sound was unbearable. Never had he heard a song with so much death and destruction in it, a single word came to mind: Himra. Fires appeared around him – Christine.

He followed the song and found her, her eyes were close and she was crying. Fires were breaking out all over. Men lay unconscious around her.. no doubt they were the reason she was singing like this.

He grabbed her shoulders, "Christine! Stop it! You have to stop! If toy don't, you'll kill them! STOP SINGING!" she wasn't listening, without thinking he kissed her.

Instantly the song vanished and the fires disappeared, her eyes went wide but then closed again.

A flash of memories flooded his mind. They parted at the same time, Christine's hand was over her mouth. They stood in silence as the memories pieced themselves together.

He remembered, the Isle, the Songs, the training, the court case, his exile and all the time he spent with Christine. He knew this was his past.

Time seemed to stand still as they starred at each other; he spoke, "After 2 years, I've finally found you as I promised," she started to cry again and ran to him; he hugged her tightly not wanting to let go.