Trust me pretty

My oh so pretty

Boy on stick

Get in your licks

And taste his tongue

Stuck down to your lung

Gag on spit

He grabs your tit

Rough foreplay's a bother

Don't see why I bother

Being nice to this one

This one's only for fun

And see his eyes

Not pretty blue eyes

But nasty brown; dirt

This one's a flirt

He's bonking me hard

Pretty but a retard

Not much for brains

And his moans are so lame

That I think I'll gag

One more time for this fag

And oh but he's fast

A little bit last

On my list of potential buyers

And oh my god he's a crier

And what a little bitch

Get down on your knees bitch

I'm going for the gold

Before it grows cold

So hang on tight

Am I too tight?

I think not, think not

No, I'm the perfect shot

Because I am queen

And blue-eyes here is king

Though he doesn't know it

He sure as hell shows it

So get off your knees bitch

Go dig your grave bitch

I'm the queen

Who needs her king.