uh....yeah..more for you....


"This is so....urgh" Gabi muttered, entering her room. She seemed to be...different.

"Have you shed your skin?" I asked, worried.

"Skin? Uh... no" She looked down, and then "Oh! I get you!"

"You do?"

"These things" She yanked at folds "They're what we call clothes"


"Yes. We wear them over our skin"

"Uh, why?"

"Because...what we have underneath is... um..."she looked down at me, then looked up blushing.

"I hate to ask, but how do you...um... oh nevermind" She crawled into her 'bed', going under the things she had told me were 'blankets'.

"No, please ask your question, I do not mind" I told her, returning to my place on the floor, curling up and resting my head on my arm. I looked up at her as she looked down at me.

"How do you have kids. I mean... I don't see any uh... reproductive organs on you"

I thought about her words, finally piecing it all together.

"You are asking how we mate?"

"Well if you put it that way, yes" She lay herself down entirely, resting her head on her arm as she looked down at me.

I felt myself fluster a little, then looked up at her.

"Well...when both genders are... aroused, simply put, our... reproductive organs will emerge, allowing us to... mate"

"Oooh" She blinked, looking down at me. Her face still seemed slightly pink.

"I take it this is why you wear 'clothes?"

"Um... yeah"

"Very strange" I muttered, looking at her then away, contemplating the differences between our species.

"Ithiell?" She asked sometime later, sounding tired.


"We're in trouble now, arent we? I mean... this is big here. Aliens landing and...stuff..." She fell silent, and I turned to look up at her, seeing she'd fallen asleep. I smiled, watching her sleep, those little eyes closed and her whole face looking peaceful.

I closed my own eyes, feeling exhaustion seep in, letting sleep take me, ignoring the flashes of the days evens going through my head, instead letting my dreams take over.


I awoke to the smell of blood hitting my nostrils. It wasn't as thick as I'd smelled it before, but it was enough to wake me up, wondering if someone had been hurt.

I shot up, suddenly alert, looking around, not seeing anything, sniffing a few times.

Yes, definately blood.

I got onto two all fours, sniffing around the room, smelling this and that, wondering where it was coming from, slowly moving towards where Gabi still slept, the smell becoming stronger.

I froze.

"Oh no"

Had someone come in the night as I'd slept and done something to her.

I slowly crawled onto the bed, feeling the smell of blood intensifying. Gabi, to my relief, still slept.

I carefully removed the blankets, determined to figure out where the smell was coming from, grateful when she didnt stir, and followed the smell downwards.

It ended below her torso, and I wondered why she smelled of blood. She didn't seem hurt in any way, so why-

"PERVERT!" She yelped, and suddenly I was on the floor.

"I apologise, I merely-" She stood up as I scrabbled intoa corner, then she looked down.

"Oh, ew, why now?" She asked herself, then looked at me.

"I smelled blood on you. I thought you were hurt"

She sighed, shaking her head "It's just my period" She muttered, then dissapeared into her bathroom.

I didn't even get to ask what she meant.


She still smelled of blood hours later, but I was afraid to ask her about it.

Instead, I focused on the ship in front of me.

Or... I tried to.

My stomach began to talk as I started to rewire the numertonic-


I frowned, hearing it making more noise, reminding me I hadn't eaten for two full days now.

And I wasn't sure if anything the humans had could be digested by my Chanaiben stomach.

"You hungry?"

I almost slipped down the inside of the ship when I heard the voice, looking down to see Owen looking up at me, something in his hands.

"Uh, perhaps" I muttered, looking back at the panel I'd been working on, checking I hadn't destroyed anything, then closing it up, sliding down to land beside Owen on the soil.

He held something out to me "Here. A sandwich"

I blinked "Sand...witch?"

"No, sandwich. Try it out"

I looked down at it, sniffing and smelling something like dead meat inside.

"What is in this?"


"What is..ham?"

"Owen, Ithiell, come over here" Jade called, and we looked to see her motioning us with her hand. I looked at Owen, who said "Come on, she aint gonna bite you dude"

"I know this, I...simply..." I trailed off, hunger and curiosity getting the better of me as I joined my human friends on a colourful floor that they had laid down underneath them. There seemed to be some kind of portable device above it. I sniffed, getting a whole range of smells from the small device, wondering what could be inside it.

Matt seemed to move a panel on it upwards manually, pulling out a small green round object.

Gabi made a strange sound, grinning "Oh we are so cliche!"

"Yeah, a picnic basket and a blanket"

"All we need is the red and white checkers on it!"

"Have you ever noticed how-hey hey! That was mine!" Matt sulked as I looked closely at the small object in my hands.

"Oh let him have it Matt, he's probably starved"

I sniffed it, thinking it had a familiar scent to it, not sure why but not minding it either. Slowly, I let my teeth sink into the new food, letting its juices sink into my mouth, trying to decide whether to take a bite or not.

Hunger once again won out, and I bit into it, chewing the piece I'd bitten off, finding it to be rather tasty.

I swallowed, feeling my digestive tract take this new food, thenfeelings as if it wasdeciding what to do with it before I felt it continue downwards.

I waited a few moments, not feeling anything wrong with it, smiling to myself and pulling the food in to take another bite-


Startled, I jumped around to face Eran, who had a look of pure shock on her face.

"You don't know what it'll do to you! Wait until-"

"Until we get back up to our own kind? Face it Eran, we could be dead by then" I snarled, glaring at her. She made a strange sound in the back of her throat, as if hurt, then turned a little.


"Forgiven. Now...try some" I handed the thing out to her, seeing her gaze shift from worry to hunger for a few seconds.

"Go on, take it! We have more apples over here if you want them" Jade yelled from the group behind us. I looked back at them, then realised that they had called this food an...'apple'.

"Go on Eran. Eat. It won't hurt you"

Again, her gaze shifted back and forth from hunger to concern, until I shoved the apple at her, making her take it. She looked up at me with worried eyes, and I nodded.

Slowly, she took a bite, and slowly, a smile spread across her face.

"I believe...we have found a food source!"

"I think so too!" I replied, returning the slow smile.

Good thing was, we wouldn't starve.

The bad thing was, we didn't know if we could get back home or not.


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