When I awoke from my dream,

Still real and vivid in my mind,

However fictional it may seem,

We were together, for a short time.

Your touch still lingers on my skin,

Your breath still in my hair.

Your eyes searching forever when,

I'll always be there.

Your fingers reached past my shell,

Going deep down into my soul.

Your love saved me from my hell,

And we were together, unblemished and whole.

Yours kiss still treads on my lips,

Causing a tingle of feeling.

Like water from a faucet drips,

So it causes me to be sent reeling.

You are my one heart's true desire,

With you alone do I my soul reveal.

But what speaks to me more than Eros' fire,

Is your true self, that which you do not conceal.

Tonight I will dream again,

In your arms is where I'll be.

Our love will make amends,

For the different worlds of you and me.