" Please do not leave me," Razaimara whispered to Crazy Wolf as she knelt down on her knees grabbing onto his legs. He flared his nose and looked away form her " I will not leave you but you shall leave me," he said through clenched teeth.

Razaimara looked up at him and said " W-what are you saying? My love I would never leave you!" Crazy Wolf helped her up onto her feet and said, " I must show you something."

They walked through the jungle hand holding hands. They came to a wall of vines. That's when the beautiful music of the jungle died down. " I feel evil spirits," Razaimara whispered. " Do not be afraid," Crazy Wolf said.

They slowly entered the wall of vines and saw a great lake. A thousand whispers seemed to come into Razaimara's mind in a split second. Before the lake was black sand and on top of that was a stone table stained with blood.

" This placed is cursed," she gasped and started to turn away but Crazy Wolf grabbed her arm tightly. " This is our only place out of here. Do you smell that? " He asked. " What?" she said perplexed. But she did smell it the smell that turned her stomach.

" Like blood and burning roses," Crazy Wolf said with a vicious smile on his face. " Why are we here?" she asked. He turned to her and placed his cold brown hands on her skin. Her eyes widened with fear. " Your never that cold," she said stepping away.

A wolf howled far away. Crazy Wolf grabbed her neck with aggression. She tried to scream but nothing came out. He dragged her to the stone table and laid her down. Her body shook rapidly trying to escape his grip.

He took a knife that was laying the table. It was cold steel and stained with dried blood. Razaimara finally ran out of air and passed out. She lay still and motionless. Crazy Wolf chanted something under his breath and stabbed her in the heart with the knife. Blood spluttered out of her mouth and down onto her neck.

Those eyes…those big beautiful eyes opened wide for the last time with emptiness. Her eyes met Crazy Wolf's eyes. Those eyes shaped like an Asian's, colored with a hazel brown. His long black hair hung down and touched his nose. She died with her eyes wide open and filled with emptiness.

"Why have you done this to me, Buttercup? Why have you killed me and deprived my soul? Spiritually, we are together…but we may never see each other again? You have cursed you and I. Now you and I must die must die must die…" Razaimara's ghostly thoughts rang in Crazy Wolf's head as he dragged her into the cold lake. The Lake Of Lost Souls…

Chapter One

" Please spare my life! I have never killed! Never killed!" a young man said on his knees before the great Queen Ophelia. She was a bitter and rigid woman with long, black, curly hair that came over her shoulders. Her skin was pale and her lips were thin. But yet she was beautiful. Her eyes were one of the things that caught young men's attention. They were large and a dark-turquoise blue. Her pupils were large and visible and seemed like she could look into someone's soul.

The woman was no even yet a woman but sixteen-year-old girl, who got anything she wanted when she wanted it. " So you never killed?" Ophelia asked her perfect arched eyebrow rose up. " No my lady!" the young man said. A smile came across her face " That's funny because I thought you were a soldier. And soldiers kill."

The young man widened his grey eyes " I never killed. I have stabbed and harmed someone but never killed." Ophelia's smile went away " You have been accused of rape and murder of my most trustworthy maid, Mary."

" It wasn't me!" he yelled. " Then who was it? Tell me and I will have that head!" Ophelia hissed. The young man cast his eyes down and sighed. " Captain Leonardo," he whispered.

Ophelia's nose flared with anger and her mouth opened in a sign of disgust. She looked over at her army and saw Captain Leonardo take one step back in fright. His black hair covered his eyes so that she couldn't see them and his lips trembled slightly.

" Is this true?" Ophelia yelled at Leonardo. " What is?" he asked. " You murdered Mary?" she yelled. " My lady of course not! I have a wife and child! He lies!" Ophelia couldn't believe this. She placed her hand over her chest and gasped.

The thing was that she and him were lovers in secret. They would sneak out to the beach and have conversations and sometimes kiss.

" You lie! You have always looked at Mary in lusting way!" Ophelia yelled her eyes brimming with tears. Leonardo shook his head and said, " What are you talking about?" Ophelia snorted and said " No! I will no longer hide this relationship! You suppose to love me! Not your wife or children!"

Whispers came over the crowd and Leonardo was flabbergasted. Tears now ran down Ophelia's face. " You have no proof that I have been with you or Mary," he said. Ophelia's tears stopped and her face went back to pale. Her ice-cold turquoise eyes widened with anger. " I am the Queen and I can put you to death whenever I want you to. I could make you kill yourself before my eyes! I COULD HAVE SOMEONE PLUCK OUT YOUR EYES AND YOUR TONGUE!" she yelled in anger.

Leonardo said nothing. He just glanced down at the floor and mumbled something. " I'm growing thirsty," Ophelia said as she placed her hand over her forehead. A servant quickly came over to her with glasses of wine on it. She took one and took a sip.

Leonardo no longer wanted to have anything to do with Ophelia. He was anxious to leave Spain with his wife and children before the news got to the King. And he didn't want the news to get to her husband.

King Armand was his name, he was a frightening person. Leonardo wasn't afraid of him he just thought he would never be able to defeat him in a fight. He had a sick mind and was very aggressive with things. I must do something, Leonardo thought. Without thinking he walked up to Ophelia who was in stress.

" My love," he began slowly thinking of words to say, " You know that I love you and I would never lust after a peasant maid like Mary." Ophelia smirked and said, " Kiss me. I want you to risk your life. Do it before everyone's eyes. To show how much you love me," she said wrapping her arms around his neck and looking past his bangs and into his hazel blue eyes.

" What is going on here?" a loud but calm voice said. Ophelia quickly put her hands to her side and pushed Leonardo aside. There her husband was. King Armand. He had long, thick, black, hair that went over his shoulders and down his back. His skin was pallid bringing out the neon green in his eyes. And his lips were thin and looked very straight and serious.

King Armand was about twenty-six years old and looked like he was very wise and lived a long time. In his right hand he gripped tightly onto his long sword. He wore all black and that made him look rather scary.

He walked slowly to Ophelia's face that bowed slightly down to the ground. " What is going on here?" he repeated again. " My lord," she said. How different her voice changed. At first it was a cold and rigid voice but then it changed to a sweet, childish, innocent voice.

" I wanted to know who murdered Mary," she said more quietly. " Go to our bedchamber, " he said shooing her away with his hand. She nodded her head and walked passed him.

Armand turned towards Leonardo and said, " So who did it? Who killed Mary?" Leonardo bit his bottom lip and pointed to the young man who was on his knees. " NO it was not me!" the young man cried out.

Armand slowly turned over to the young man. He scrutinized his grey eyes, short blonde hair, and his straight nose. " Such a good looking man. What a waste of God's creation," he said and stabbed the young man in the throat with his sword. Blood gushed out of his neck and dripped onto the marble floor.

Armand took out the sword and handed it to Leonardo. " Clean this and return it to my bedchamber by midnight," he ordered " All of you are excused!" The army slowly walked away. " Leonardo you stay," he said to him as he was walking away. Leonardo stopped and turned around.

The King walked up the stoop and took his seat at the throne. The Great Hall was empty and only the two of them stood there. " There have been rumors that you lust after my wife," he said calmly with impassive looks. Leonardo's heart beaded fastly. " You must be misinformed. I have a wife and-"

" But that does not mean anything,' he said with his right hand raised in the air. " No you do not understand my love for my wife. My love for her is impeccable. I love her dearly. I would never betray her with a Queen!" Leonardo said.

" Would you like it if I slept with you wife? Everyday seeing her so happy and thinking that you were the one that made her so happy. Then you find out what is going on with her. Don't you think that is so very disappointing?' he said.

Leonardo nodded and said " But I swear to God that I haven't done anything with your wife." Armand smiled a very creepy vicious smile and said " You better. Now leave my presence." He shooed him away like he did to everything that was unimportant to him.

Sunset came and Armand walked slowly to his bedchamber expecting to see Ophelia sitting on their bed fiddling with her hair or either writing in her diary. Armand opened the doors to the bedchamber and closed them behind him.

He saw Ophelia's shadow on the balcony through the curtains. He walked through the curtain slowly so that she couldn't hear her. The cool air blew Ophelia's hair carrying the beautiful scent through the air.

Armand wrapped his arms around her waist, she shuddered with fear. He kissed her passionately on the neck enjoying the smell of natural scent of her skin. That scent that seemed to stay on her even when he first met her. She smelled like roses and something else but he couldn't quite make it out. He scooted his hands to her breasts.

" You know I love someone else?" she said interrupting his pleasure. She turned around to see him. His neon green eyes and his long black hair were so beautiful to her but yet she could resist it. " I should kill you," he said to her in an aggravated voice. " Do it then. I would rather suffer death than my mortal life wasted with you in a castle," Ophelia said very seriously yet calmly.

" It is Leonardo who is the one. Isn't it? I could smell his scent and foolish talk in your ears," Armand said. " It does not matter who it is. It's the fact that I do not love you and I no longer want to be with you," Ophelia said in her regular tone of voice.

Armand clenched his teeth and showed emotion for the first time. " I will kill your lover," he said angrily. " Kill him then," she said and turned around to face the view of the rest of the castle, the village, and the far away beach " you might get the wrong person. And if you do get the person I shall kill myself and things will be even between us."

Armand ignored her words and turned her around. " What don't you get?" she hissed. " I am the King and you are married to me. I will do what I please. If you disobey my orders I will personally torture you," he said sweetly as he played with her hair. Ophelia's eyes filled with tears with anger. Armand just smirked and kissed her tender lips and led her to bed.

" Love is worth sacrifice here. We would die for each other. We sacrifice our blood for each other here," a handsome Mayan explained to a beautiful girl. " I do not believe you," the girl said and blushed. " O really," he said " look into the river and see how many sacrifices parents have given me to bless them.

The girl squinted her eyes at him and saw that he was serious. She slowly and reluctantly crawled on her hands and knees towards the river. She looked inside and saw at the very bottom of the clear river where dead girls and some were women were at.

The girl widened her eyes and covered her mouth and screamed. She scooted back and puked. ' What have you done to them?' she asked the Mayan. " They have killed themselves because they loved me o so much. But their love dissatisfied me," the handsome Mayan explained calmly as he stood up and brushed the dirt off his solid bare chest.

" I want to leave this place," the girl said in a trembling voice. The Mayan laughed and said " We all do. But we can't. Everywhere we go everyone wants to harm us or put us in slavery. Now here come people invading our beach and wanting our gold. Take our gold you don't even know the real power we hold in ourselves!" the Mayan hissed.

" But I do not want your gold. I want your love," she said. " What if I fail," the Mayan said " What if I must sacrifice my heart to you if I don't love you the right way." The girl placed her hand over her mouth again and gasped " But my love I would never want you to do such a thing! That is barbaric! I would never want you to kill yourself for me! Never! You could love me as you love your father!"

The Mayan looked down at the forest floor " I do not love my father. I shall kill him. I swear I never loved in my life." The girl's lips trembled more and she started crying on his shoulder. " I can't live without you. I love you so much. Tell me you love me. Just tell me," she said.

" I can't," he said. " You can't say you love me?" she said looking into his hazel brown eyes. " I-I love you…"

Queen Ophelia woke up in a cold sweat. She turned to her side and saw King Armand sleeping peacefully. I should kill him, Ophelia thought and looked at the other side of the wall and saw the daggers and swords. " Don't even think about it," Armand mumbled in his sleep.

She looked at him and saw that he was awake. " Why don't you just kill me," she said. " I do not want to kill you…now. You are in my need," King Armand said. Ophelia flared her nose and said, " What do you mean in your need?"

Armand just smirked and said, " Do not worry about that. What you must worry about is that Leonardo is in great trouble." Ophelia gasped and covered her mouth. She got out of the bed and went out the room into the hallways. " Leonardo!" she cried out over and over again.

A maid came out of a room and said, " My lady, what is going on?" Ophelia placed her hands on her shoulders and said, " Where is Captain Leonardo?" The maid was perplexed, " He is probably at his castle minding his own business with his wife," she said.

Ophelia but her lip and said, " Get my carriage ready." " But what are you going to do?" the maid asked. " I said ' get my carriage ready!'" Ophelia demanded. The frightened maid rushed out of her sight.

Ophelia sighed and turned around to see King Armand. She was startled by his presence. He was quickly dressed and well groomed. He grabbed her throat and pushed her hard against the wall still choking her.

" You will not escape this castle. You shall stay here and continue to be my bride!" he yelled at her. " Let me go!" she whispered through clenched teeth. He dropped her and she fell on the cold marble floor. He looked down at her and pointed at her and said " Leonardo's head will be mine!'

Ophelia watched him walk out of her sight and started crying into her hands. " I need someone to come and get me. Anyone!" she screamed.

Then she had a vision of one brown skinned boy and a white girl. They both held hands and they both were killed. Ophelia blinked and saw that she was back in the hallway again. " What?" she said to herself silently. That vision seemed so real. She had a dream about those two but she couldn't quite remember.

The maid came back " My lady," she started slowly " you are not able to go anywhere. You can only stay in the castle grounds from now on. I'm sorry…it is just the King's orders." Ophelia bowed her head slightly in disappointment " I already know. Now leave my presence."

The maid left silently. Ophelia stood up and brushed herself off. She walked downstairs and through the castle just walking around aimlessly, thinking of something to do. I must leave him, she thought to herself, but how?

She came into her garden and smelled the wonderful roses .The roses that she first planted when she came to be Armand's bride. The roses that smelled so good that she plucked one and gave it to Leonardo because he looked so good to her. The roses that she smashed up and made a perfume for her to wear when she saw Leonardo on that night when she married Armand.

The relationship been going on ever since Ophelia first turned fifteen. Ophelia could bare it no longer; she had to give up the relationship. " Ophelia," someone whispered in her ear so close, that the hairs on her neck rose up. She turned around quickly and saw no one but the statue of Mary and the green grass and flowers of the garden.

" Who is there?" she said alarmed. Nobody answered she started getting scared. " Who is there?" she repeated but no one answered. She swore that someone said her name. And the voice was of a man's voice but so…seductive and smooth.

She walked deeper into the garden till she came to the water fountain. So beautiful it was as the water flowed up in the air and splashed back in the pool of water. She walked over to it and looked inside of the small pool of water. Her reflection didn't come out right for a second.

She saw something else. She was so frightened that she backed away from it and leaned against a tree. She didn't see herself…she saw a brown skinned man from her dreams. The beautiful brown skin man that she dreamt of.

Ophelia now remembered his face vividly, smooth brown skin, hazel brown angel eyes, and long black hair that fell over his shoulders. She thought she was going insane so she had to make sure that she was fine. Slowly, she walked over to the fountain again and looked into inside the fountain.

There was her beautiful face. She saw her regular face. She saw her pale white skin and outstanding dark-turquoise eyes. " Thank god," she whispered to herself. " Ophelia," somebody said.

She turned around quickly and saw Leonardo standing there. A smile came across her face. She embraced him with open arms and said, " Leonardo I was worried about you. You must take me out of Spain and go somewhere new! Armand wants you dead! I know he does," she said then let go of him to look at him.

He had impassive looks and his skin was pallid. " Has the King seen you?" Ophelia asked touching his face. " No but I must tell you something," he said. Ophelia knew it was going to be something bad.

" We can no longer go on with this. Your outrageous behavior yesterday got me in trouble. My wife has heard about it and so has the King. I must leave you. It's the best thing to do," Leonardo said not looking into her teary eyes but at the soft, moist, dirt.

How devastating it felt for Ophelia to be left. He looked at her; she was staring at him with a look of question. Why? That what were her eyes told him. " I'm sorry," was what he said and passed by her, leaving her broken-hearted and hurt. She stared into nothing. Hoping that what she just was told was just another unexplainable vision. But it wasn't.

So she turned around and watched him slowly walk away. " I thought you loved me! We were supposed to be together forever! And yet you just spit in my face and leave me in the dust?" she cried after him with her arms out.

He kept on walking. This aggravated her making her even angrier. She ran to him and grabbed his arm. He turned around and she said, " Please Leonardo do not leave me. I only love you. Please. I am locked in this castle forever and all I want is you by my side in this kingdom."

" Then what do you expect me to do?" he hissed. " Kill the King," she whispered so low as if someone was in the garden. Leonardo widened his eyes and said," My beloved are you crazy?"

She smiled like a mad woman and said, " Crazy keeps me from going insane. But I need you. I need you real badly. Together we could kill the King." She said again. Leonardo sighed and looked around him and then looked into her big desperate eyes. " How will we do it then?" he whispered.

" Tonight I shall be reluctant with him in bed as usual. But I will carry a small dagger hidden in my legs. I will be the same as usual no different or he will definitely expect something. Daggers and small weapons will be hidden everywhere just in case if I can't reach mine. You will be climbing on the castle walls and onto our balcony-"

" Climb onto your balcony!" Leonardo interrupted. " Shih…only if you truly love me," she said then continued, " When I stab him and you hear his cry, that will be your cue to come in and finish him."

Silence fell between them. " What if I fail?" Leonardo said. It was like dé jå vu. She heard those words before. " Ophelia?" he said looking at her in perplexity. " O! You will not fail. You will not fail me," she told him actually demanding him on her last sentences.

" Yes, I will not fail you," he said like he was hypnotized before they departed.

Later that night, Ophelia stayed outside on her balcony, looking over the village and at the beach. She looked for Leonardo and saw him way down there looking like an ant but she noticed him by his big black mustang. She nodded at him and he did too.

She went back into the room and pulled out a very, very, very long rope that she took out into the balcony and threw over the ramp. It reached the ground. This rope was quickly customized for her by a bunch of maids. She tied it onto the balcony and covered it with a blanket.

Ophelia stayed on the balcony as usual when the King was on his way at sunset. The wind blew hard and the clouds had become black. She stared down at Leonardo who was looking at the drunken guards that drank from poisoned bottles, that he poisoned.

Cold hands came around Ophelia's waist as usual. She did not hear him come inside as usual. She sighed. " Armand I don't want to be with you," she said and turned around to see him.

" You say the same thing now. You expect me to care. I will have other wives soon and you will all be in the same room as each other. You should be savoring these moments now," he whispered in her ear.

Rain started pouring down hard. Armand tugged Ophelia telling her to come inside. They went inside of the room and he laid her on the bed. He started kissing her neck and she started rubbing her legs searching for the dagger. The room got darker and darker as the sun went away.

" You aren't reluctant today," he mumbled as he kissed her neck and played with her hair. " Why should I today? You always get things the way you want by force or obedience. I just thought I should try obedience today," she whispered as he continued to kiss her neck and he touches her chest.

Thunder and lightening filled the place. A flash of lightening lit the room, Ophelia saw Leonardo on the balcony with a small dagger in his hands. It then went back to dark again. Ophelia smiled to herself knowing that Armand will die.

Ophelia slipped her hand under one of the pillows as Armand continued to kiss her and pulled out one of the extra daggers. Armand saw the dagger and gasped as Ophelia stabbed him in the shoulder. Blood spilled onto her neck. He rolled off the bed and onto the floor with a loud thud.

" Leonardo! Come get him!" Ophelia yelled as she watched Armand groan as he tried to get up in his own pool of blood. She ran out of the hallway and saw a torch hung on the wall. She snatched it from the wall and came back into the room.

Ophelia looked out at the balcony and gasped. She covered her mouth and looked at this stranger from her dream that was in her room. He was that handsome brown-skinned young man who seemed like he was dead. He was less alive then in her dreams but yet still handsome.

His hair was long and black and fell over his shoulders down to his lower back, those eyes were shaped like an Asian man's and was a hazel brown, he had a pug nose, and a mouth that made him seem like he was hiding something behind those smooth lips.

" Who are you?' she whispered taking her hand slowly away from her mouth. You know who I am! Do not play games! You did something to me and I want to know what! A voice of a thousand violins whispered into Ophelia's ears. She shuddered with fear and fainted…

Chapter Two

There I was standing in my vision in this awkward vision. I stood inside a big hollow pyramid built from gold! How amazing was this magnificent place as I stared at the walls and ceilings seeing the etched in markings of people bowing down before statues and killing humans.

" You will not marry her. She is cursed just look at her eyes! It's obvious that she holds the power of the Evil Eye in her eyes," a deep man's voice echoed in the hollow pyramid. I looked straightforward and saw a man with brown skin that was neatly oiled and taken care of. His hair was long and brown and fell over his shoulders and onto his bare chest. His hair was black and had streaks of grey revealing his old age. He sat in a golden throne, which was place on top of a marble six-stair stoop.

He must be the King. Before the King, was a young man around the age of thirteen? He was the young man from my dreams. He was stood straight before the King with his head high. I only saw his bareback and the small coverage he wore around his waist. His hands! Yes…. I saw his hands holding a small knife and it was extremely sharp. He had his hands behind his back.

" But I love her," the young man said with a sharp voice. The King widened his eyes and leaned forward in his throne, placing his hands on his knees and said, " You must be out of your mind! You have no love for anybody! Do you remember what you are? You have no soul to love another soul! That is why all women are dying for you!"

The young man bowed his head in disappointment. " I could give hugs," he said lowering his voice as he stared at the cold marble floor. " Hugs? What makes you think I care?" the King said.

" You've never hugged me father…why?" the young man asked raising his head and looking at him with teary eyes. The King's expression changed to match the young man's. He stood up and opened his arms. The young man bit his trembling lip and walked over to him slowly up the stoop.

The King wrapped his arms around the young man's neck and said" I'm so sorry Kokum. But we are what we are. And nothing could change us-" he whispered into the young man's ear. He closed his eyes and whispered, " Long live the new king…. I'm sorry.'

The young man stabbed the King in the side of his neck. The King let go of his son and grabbed his neck. Aggressively, he took out the small knife and gasped. " My name is no longer Kokum it is Crazy Wolf. And I refuse to obey any rules!" he hissed as he walked up to the King and pushed him back into the throne.

" And Razaimara… shall be my bride. Come my love," he said. That's when my heart sped and my eyes widened. I looked behind me and saw a girl around his age that looked like me but had brown skin. Her looks were impassive and she walked with confidence. Her eyes…those eyes looked at me, a reflection of my eyes looking into mine for a split second. I'm invisible!

And-and her hair wasn't curly it was straight and went down to her ankles! Her eyes were the exact same as mine. That dark-turquoise that had that enlarged pupil in the middle. Those eyes that were so beautiful that were so pretty and stunning. But they looked so weird on her. Too weird. She had brown skin and I had white.

She came to Crazy Wolf's side and he wrapped one arm around her small waist. They both together watched the King die slowly…

Ophelia's eyes fluttered open and she saw that she was in her room lying down on her bed. A maid was sitting down on a wooden stool. " My lady," she said. " What has happened?" Ophelia asked sitting up quickly.

" The King has been badly wounded but we do not know who did it. And you-you must have fainted when somebody stabbed him," the maid explained. Ophelia felt a great hunger and she clenched her stomach tightly. " I'm hungry," she moaned.

The maid lifted up a plate from Ophelia's dresser. " I thought you would be hungry. You've been asleep for two nights," she said. There were eggs and pieces of ham and chicken on the plate.

Ophelia grabbed it and ate at it like an animal. " Where is the King," she mumbled as she chewed her food rudely. " He's in the Great Hall giving orders to the Spaniard Army," she said silently.

Ophelia stopped chewing; she looked into the maid's green eyes and said, " What is he doing?" The maid sighed and said, " He is going to have Captain Leonardo be killed. For being accused of stabbing him and attempt murder. He was found on your balcony with a sword in his hand…but it had no blood."

Ophelia stumbled out of her bed and stood up. She was in her nightgown and didn't care. She ran through the hallways and down the stairs screaming her lover's name. She came to the Great Hall and saw the backs of the soldiers'. They turned around and shook their head slightly.

One soldier said, " Don't come in here…milady…it's for your own good." Ophelia ignored them and made her way through the crowd of soldiers. She saw Leonardo's back and he was on his knees.

Ophelia screamed " Leonardo" and ran over to him. He was unharmed but he was speechless. He just stared blankly into Ophelia's face. " Leonardo? Sweetie?" she said and held his face with both of her hands. He was cold. He looked like he was trying to say something but it didn't come out.

Foam came out of his mouth and his face went pale. He then fell into Ophelia's arms. She gasped and felt blood on her fingers as his stomach pressed onto her hands. She looked down at his wound and saw that he had been stabbed and the dagger was still pierced into his stomach. It was a wound that he could survive though.

" Poison," Armand said simply behind her. Ophelia's eyes filled with tears. She looked behind her and saw Armand standing there. " Why? He has done nothing to you," she said to him. He squinted his eyes with anger and said, " Yes he has. He has stabbed me."

Ophelia stood up on her feet and looked him in his green cold eyes. " I am the one who has harmed you! I was the one who has stabbed you in your bed! I will not tolerate being with you any longer!" she said coldly and crouched down to Leonardo's corpse.

" So you did this?" Armand said elaborating on his anger as he pulled out a sword from his waist. Ophelia pulled the dagger from Leonardo's stomach and said, " Yes! And I'll do it again!"

She stood up and plunged the dagger into Armand's heart. His warm blood gushed out onto her hand and dripped onto the cold marble floor. But she noticed something as he fell down onto his knees. She noticed that he was letting go of his sword, which was pierced right below her right breast.

That was when she felt the horrible pain. Her knees and ankles became weak. As she collapsed she said, " Get me help." She fainted.

There I was looking at the colored replica of me sitting in her throne beside the colored man. " My beautiful soldiers…bring me my sister," the woman said to the soldiers who guarded the entrance to the pyramid.

I wish I could move and follow those soldiers, who went out of the pyramid. But I just kept staring at the woman who had my eyes and face. Who exactly was she? Why do I contin