Fights Until Her Death

Crimson lights, fading to black
Just as a tear drops
From a batting eyelid
Uh huh, she's sorry…
She tortured the girl
But she doesn't shed a tear
The drops of pain leak
From the broken girl.
Mrs."I'm not really sorry" was the main part.
Mr. "I'm not really sorry" was actually kinda sorry.
But couldn't let the Mrs know, oh no, no.
They and other followers tore at the broken girl.
Miss.Broken was being bantered with words first.
Soon came the shoves and tripping,
Then came the brutal punches, slaps, kicks
They tore over and over at her scars---
Screaming "we could have loved you forever"
Over and over they would scream it.
I guess Mrs. "I'm not really sorry" wasn't alone…
Each follower tore that much more at Miss.Broken.
Broken was the girl as her tears ran
This was the last tear drop
As she closed her eyes for the last time…