Hello. How are you?
I'm wonderful.
Just fine- stop asking.

Lies build walls
of blood-colored stone
with bitterness the mortar.
Up comes the bile
eyes bleeding tears
Swallow it whole
Never let it show
flesh rots around a core of strength
that keeps on climbing.

Let the sweet turn sour;
Let it sink in your stomach
Somehow it's more solid than you.

Outside, you hang; limp and dead
insides cling tighter still
In and out, over, under
impossible circles- vision fails
Nothing is left, not even fear
Nothing is real
Can't hold much longer?
So close to the bottom
yet you've climbed so high.

Let dead skin peal away
Let it all crumble
Was it there to begin with?

Can fire burn
something that is nothing?
If not, you won't have to worry
The earth is shaking
You share its cry
The sky turns red
Blood has been shed
Don't wish for death
if you don't wish to die
Something is fighting, but it's not you.

Let the skies turn black
Let the world be consumed
It' none of your business anymore.

Father, make me care.
I want to hurt, I want to bleed
I want the need, I want the pain
Don't let me stumble into death.

Look up! Wake up!
Stop looking at your feet!
Like rushing waves,
the wind, it says:
You bleed, you eat
like anyone else.
Everything is lush and green
Everyone is here
Everyone is here-
And nothing ever happened.

((Author's Note: It won't let me do the spacing and indenting I want, so you can't get the full view of what it's supposed to look like, but oh well. And another thing... sigh Please don't make this into a "you-can't-possibly-understand-my-tortured-soul" type of thing, becuase it's not. Anyway, enjoy.))