Hot icy stones beneath your feet
To be free.
To stretch your hand
Around the sky
Wrapped around your finger
And feeling the morning
Dewdrops fall between your lips
Wetting your dry burnt hands
As your hair becomes dark and delirious
From the sun hammering
On your back

a god/man who
You no longer recognize
Shades your burnt back
and you feel...
Long gossamer feathers
Being pressed upon your self
as the man
With a fervent voice
Whispers out a
h u s h e d
And a warning
But you're too amazed
By your pretty angel wings
And you're too intoxicated
From your overdose of sun
That your mind burns away the
Warnings and the consequences

And you finger
The halo on your head

Setting your feet on the edge
Of a broken tower
Facing downwards
As your nose starts to throb
And your eyes start to

the impossible

You weren't meant to fly.

And you leap
Arms outstretched
Over eager and foolish
Stilled by freefall
Before rising back up
On your borrowed wings
As the silent fear is taken
Over by exhilaration
And the sky is so blue
That you drink it all in
And the air so sweet
Against your self
That you spin
Like a dancer
Wrapping it around your body

little dots of men
Looking on
Under you
Feet planted
onto the ground
Mouths open
And you feel like a god
Looking down at
Your latest work of art/anarchic experiment
Arrogance on fire
As you skim across the clouds.
a moment

You are a god.

And the sun seems more like
A jewel than a devil
Holding a myriad
Of colors
In its fiery orb
So alluring

you start to fly
Closer and closer
As sun spots dance
Into your eyes
Hypnotizing you
Away from your companion
And even when you hear a cry
Desperate and resounding
You fly on
Curiosity blinding you
From sense

(And before you know it
The sun steals your sight
And you see exploding stars
In your retinas
And your hair
Glows briefly/eternally
like an orange flame
And your skin bleeds
Stripping away
Your flesh)

"Only human flesh my friend."

Untouched by
The elixir
Of immortality.

you feel
Melting wax
Along your shoulder blades
the sultry burns
Across your back
Bleeding out
rivers of torment

But you don't take note

your eyes are
Wide and fearful
Finally realize your sin
As the gods spare you a final
Second of eternity
To say your last prayer
But you just
w a t c h
The wax fall upon your shoulders
Like acid rain
As it burns into you
Multiple sins all at once

and you topple down
From your pedestal
Of curio
Down down down
Into the watery depths
With only a quiet splash
Marking your death


And a man walks by
And a ship sails past
The fallen Icarus
Silence broken by
A soft twitter of a
Bird in the background
Of the tapestry
'Human nature'
While a tiny dot
Of a man
In the corner
On an island
Looks on
Eyes wet
and eyes red

But you can't be sure.