I put m/m slash in the summary and while it will contain slashiness, it will also have m/f. It's about two different relationships, so yes. Enjoy.


His toes hung over the edge.

Just the tips of his white-and-black shoes, exactly the same as the other fourteen pairs of white-and-black shoes he had at home, all with their laces tucked on the inside because he always trippedon them.

His long fingers hooked over the small brick wall behind him, the wall that stopped careless drivers from flying over the side and the only thing keep him balanced on the narrow ledge.

The river floated on below, steady and dark. He could only just see it; the bridge's lighting was pathetic. Somewhere, vaguely, he wondered how cold the water was. Not that it really mattered anyway. A bridge is a bridge, a river's a river, shit's shit.

A shiver ran through him as the wind picked up. A thin cotton shirt and jeans didn't provide much warmth. He frowned, his dark blonde hair flicking over his face, tickling the pale skin in a really irritating sort of way. A plane flew overhead, its red lights standing out against the pitch-black cloudless sky. He could hear cars a few streets down, people returning from the strip of nightclubs. That meant it was about 3:00.

He had to get this over and done with before the bridge was polluted with drunks. Not that they'd really disrupt anything, he just liked the peace and quiet. It enabled him to think clearly.


His head snapped around at the sudden noise, surprise written all over his smooth oval face. A girl leant casually against the wall, watching him curiously. She seemed to around his age, in a brown jacket over a simple white singlet and a black pencil skirt. Her big hazel eyes twinkled interestedly, her long brown hair pulled into a neat ponytail. She certainly didn't look drunk.

Aiden was at a loss for words. "I...go away."

She tilted her head. "Rude much? You could've just said hi back."

Aiden's handsome face twisted into a scowl, the dim light making him look sinister. "I said go away."

Instead of looking offended the girl just turned until she was facing the river. "I heard. But this is a public bridge and you can't kick people off just because you're having a little pity party."

Aiden was growing more and more agitated. "What's your problem?" He growled, his brown eyes narrowing.

"Nothing. I'm just trying to help."

He snorted, his anger spiking at the offer. People were always trying to help. "Yeah, whatever. What could you do?"

The girl shrugged. "I could push you if you like. Oh, wait, there's that whole jail thing...sorry. You'll have to do it yourself."

"You're insane." Aiden muttered, his grip on the wall increasing.

"I'm not theone hanging off the side of a bridge." The girl countered logically. "My name's Ally by the way."

Aiden shook his head, frustration growing. "Yeah, good for you, go away now."

Ally seached the pockets of her jacket until she found the lollipop she'd stashed there earlier. "Remember the lovely talk about this being a public bridge? As in you don't own it?"

Aiden watched her unwrap the candy, his arms covered in gooebumps from the wind, grinding his teeth. "Can't you see I'm busy? What are you even doing here? It's 3 in the morning."

Ally popped the lollipop into her mouth, securing it between her teeth. "I just finished unpacking. I only moved here this morning, from WA. Needed to stretch my legs."

"Stretch them elsewhere."

"What's your name?"

He glanced at her sharply, giving her his best death glare. "What?"

She sighed, apparently unaffected, the lollipop stick jiggling a bit. "Your name? I told you mine."

"I didn't ask for it." Aiden snapped back, annoyed. Ally pulled her jacket around her and buttoned it up.

"That's not the point. You look kinda surfish. Do you surf?"

"No." He was momentarily thrown by the sudden subject change.

"Pity." She said absently, biting at the lollipop and trying to break it up. "It's fun."

Aiden looked back down at the river. "That's nice. Leaving yet?"

Ally smiled, finally succeeding in biting a tiny chip off the hard strawberry-flavored sweet. "You're an impatient one. Are you that eager to get out of this world?"

Aiden rolled his eyes. "You think I'd be here if I wasn't?"

Ally looked thoughtful, gazing up at the sky. "I don't know you, so I can't say what or how you feel. But I think...people feel so overwhelmed sometimes that they can't find their way out of whatever situation they're in. So they take the easiest way out and are oblivious to anything else."

"I'll keep that in mind." Aiden said sarcastically.

Ally smiled again, reaching up and pressing her hair back down as a bit of wind blew it up. "You do that."

Aiden sighed heavily. He suddenly felt so tired. "Aiden."

"Huh?" Ally was puzzled.

"My name." He hissed, regretting that he'd mentioned it. Ally nodded, twisting the lolly in her mouth.

"Nice to meet you. And good luck with..." she glanced down at the river, "...whatever."

Aiden watched her go, continuing up the bridge, her heels clicking on the bitumen road. He sighed again and looked back at the water flowing beneath him. The moonlight splashed water rippled at him, almost grinning.

"Shut up." He muttered sourly. He turned carefully, stepping back over the wall to the safety of the road. "Stupid river."


Cameron moaned and buried his face deeper into the pillow, hoping to God that the phone would stop ringing. It didn't. It continued to echo through the house, shrill, annoying and well...annoying. He knew there was only one person it would be and he was not pleased.

Cameron threw the pillow into the corner of his room, grinding his teeth, and stumbled off the bed. He carefully felt his way through the pitch-black house, praying that he hadn't left anything on the floor earlier.

He reached the phone in one piece and yanked it off its hook ruthlessly.

"What do you want, Paris?" He growled.

"Nice. Do you always answer the phone like that?" Paris's voice was almost lost in the loud thumping music. He must've been at a club or something.

"Only when it's 3 in the morning." Cameron muttered sourly, rubbing his eyes. "You wanna tell me why you're calling me at said time after I specifically told you to stop calling me after 12?"

"You told me to stop?" Paris feigned innocence but Cameron could almost see the smirk he knew would be on his friend's face.

He sighed. "Just answer the bloody question, Paris."

"All right, all right settle petal. I got the job!"

"The job?" Cameron repeated. It took him a few moments to work out what the other boy meant. "You mean, um, the contracty one with that, um..." He frowned, trying hard to remember. "You were raving about it a few weeks back."

"Yes, the contracty thing. Only the most important step of my career so far! Thanks for paying attention." Paris's voice was bitter with annoyance but Cameron knew it would pass in a few seconds. He was sometimes grateful for Paris's short attention span.

"Great, congratulations." Cameron tried to muffle his yawn but didn't quite make it. "You could've told me at a decent time. Say, when it's actually daylight."

"Not as fun." Paris said nonchalantly. "Anyway, there'sthis girl gyrating against my leg right now, so I'll call you later?"

Cameron snorted amusedly. "Typical. Only you, Paris. Bye."

"Try not to miss me too much." Paris said playfully before hanging up. Cameron shook his head and cradled the phone. He was too awake now to go back to sleep.

"Fucking Paris."


I know the summary is lame. Hopefully someone out there enjoyed it and will let me know so