because of street lights that won't rest

so no sleep can be possesse

windows due to the hot air named nostalgia

shaped your name on it

because of wind that blows directly

so my left hand is being hold tightly

from a cold day to my palm

the reason you had won

love is like a light sweater

it is weaved from tendernes

warms my heart with adorableness

I think it's because of my heart

has been taken apart

so I changed all of a sudden

saying things you like, the language of burden

or maybe my heart now belongs to you

so I lose the controls of few

why do I miss you everyday

till no lonesomeness can stay

the picture reminds me of our sweetness

maybe you would feel ridiculous

but I have fall into a cliff

waiting for you to save me as if

because of movie's good ending

so my last bit of defense has no pending

the last image of happiness

is still seen by my eyes

because of love's gravity

the feel of touch falls into my heart's cavity

can physics explain for us

the laws of attraction

love is a heart-stroking rule

tenderness is it's creator

the effect is on me