Phony Friends

Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: This is a story I wrote about an experience that I'm going through right now. I don't normally associate with this person for obvious reasons, but let's just say that this person won't leave me alone...even though I totally ignore them. The poem kinda explains it all, and hey just for the record it isn't none of you lovely guys here. I know who my real friends are. This anonymous person is a friend of the family...but obviously I don't think that is actually true. Anyway on to the poem.

Don't smile in my face

Then stab me in the back

Because really I don't need

A phony friend like that

If you really don't like me

Then leave me alone

I was fine before I met you

I never once complained or moaned

But you're making my heart heavy

I never felt so insecure

Now I feel lost and alone

tainted and unsure

Is this the way true friendship is

Then really I'd rather have none

And now I know what it really means

To be a shadow in the sun

I bet you might even think

That you're doing something good

Befriend the little lonely girl

And be helpful if you could

But once out of the light

You tear me all to shreds

Thinking that I won't ever know

The awful things you've said

I may never really know

All the words brought out

But you better believe this one fact

I could careless, no doubt

So why don't you leave me alone

And please just let me be

Cause with "friends" like you in my life

I'd rather have enemies