& she was falling,falling right from the moment she let go of the shore.She was crushed against the rocks and the winds tore away her jewels,her crown.She watched with hatredforstorms pouring from her eyes as they were swept away into hungry water droplets.Forming and breaking.Beauty destroyed.She was left alone in thin blue silk just covering her very body,and she gasped a great gasping breath that emptied her lungs of their vapour.ohsodamntypical,why does everything (to h e r) happen again&again&again. Her back was flat against the soaked rocks now,and the rain was burning acid through her tongue.Her hair was plastered to the side of her face,wet,black,enticing.Waving like young beauty/evil just wasted.The sky was pouring all its hate and displeasure down onto her,she felt so weak inside &yet she lived.And above her wreckage,the god laughed.

If the child was a boy,she would ride the world again.
If not
he would crush her.

Now,overgrown spears were sweeping elegantly down to land upon the hills of the fresh valley she cried over (beauty destroyed,yet again.) Liquid began to pour from her perfection as the spears dug in.the taste dripped down into her mouth,blended with her person.Tasted blunt and bland,the sort of taste that is meant to be enjoyed but is stifled by emotions.

If the child was a boy,she would ride the world again.
If not

Bats were sweeping in through small holes in the clear blue haze of sky that (to her) were a symbol of hope-someoneisstillalive.They circled round her face as mist decended and the seas boiled at her feet.

h i g h e r........

she slipped down a metre as she tried in vain to clamber up the rocks..... perhaps everyone loved her beyond the horizon.her own hands let her slip lower and lower as her body clung on.Her nails were beautiful-long,fresh with blood and chipped limestone.

She was wavering in the tempest.Above,the god stared down on her.I am,she thinks.Bid me hide a passion when passions have caught me.Me.Late fruit of the tree,a breath away from withering.He wonders what she means and he raises one mere eyebrow as he saves the rest of the world-

If the child was a boy,she would ride the world again.
If not
He would crush her.

It rained more,she pushed her hair off her face and began to cry bitterly.She was just a human.SHE WAS WEAK.And she was afraid.She was too human.
She was made of cruel passions,she could shine,kill,twist the world to her will.
And yet she had compassion too,she loved (soverymuch) and she broke her own heart so many times.

And now.
What did she do for it,what were the stumblings and offences of her life.

Another wave hit her face,her head smashed against the hard cliff once more.Her back jolted and cr a ck (there goes another vital bone;).She was under invisible chains,unable to move.Crash,smash,killmeplease.She almost wanted to die and surrender,be remembered.She didn't w a n t to fight it she just wanted to
.....................she pushed the rocks hard&harder&ashardasshecould and then-
c r a s h.Another wave knocked off the rocks,her silk clung to her as if she was in a childish rain storm,hanging on the lips of a lover in case she might fall into a swirling rainbow puddle.

She floated hopelessley.

Far above,the god no longer trusted her.She wasn't weak enough.He could have saved her.He could have made her happy.He could have restored her beauty.B U T

the child was a girl.

beautiful.dark-red-hair.violet eyes.

The rocks crashed against her.He had no use for her.He glared (angry eyes) & he easily-demolished her.She laughed weakly.Surrendering everything.She gave herself up with laughter fleeting across her bleeding lips.
She melted into his oceans.She faded.
She took one last look at the bats and the fading blue and then &then & then

the bell rang.
lunch time.