Part of the Poems of the Heart series decied to split from the actual area where all of these poems gather, check them out after you read this one

Sounds of Nature

They seem to know when the hunting season is on,

They make themselves hard to find,

Tramping on leaves and trees,

They wish to only be alone,

The sounds of nature drag you in.

Almost all year they play their song

Day and night, dusk to dawn,

Some find it annoying,

But they wish to play for the peaceful ears,

The sounds of nature drags you in.

They are teh wonders of the sky,

Chirpping and calling,

Some stay all year long,

Others move to warmer climetes,

The sounds of nature drags you in.

You hear them all the time,

You might even make some of teh same sounds,

But how many want to watch and learn,

Or disincarnate them for good,

Listen, for the sounds of nature drags you in.

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