Chapter Two - Vibrato

"Care to share what's on your mind right now?"

"Memories trembling softly on the wind that is made up of a string of infinite thoughts, slay the mind that suffers your torture and bring to it a peace that never ends." Dacohnt smiled. He smiled at the words he spoke in front of the man who stood before him.

"Your romantic lies haven't changed a bit.."

Lies? Ah, not lies. So that boy still believed they were lies, even though he'd grown into a man. Then again, perhaps it was because he was a man that made him think so.

Twenty four years.. Twenty four years of thinking the same thing could do that to a person. Especially one like this particular being. Even twenty four years ago he had been the same as he had always been. Innocent, pure, and good. Always thinking, always thoughtful, always curious yet so restricted to himself.

Draquis could remember the first time they met. He'd been out on a short stroll with another one of the Origi. Oh how she captured the light that was filtered through the leaves and branches of the trees. She'd been mesmerizing, even right up to the point when she had fried him with a bolt of lightning. He'd laid unconscious there, on the ground, for quite awhile, he was sure. And then he'd woken up.


"Sir? You alright?"

"Huh? Oh, oh, yes... I'm just fine.." The vampire groaned from the effort of picking himself up from the ground. A young little boy just stared up at him. He was a short blonde, with blue eyes that might almost match Draq's in their intensity in innocence purity. How gratifying.. "What are you doing out here in these woods alone? Go home."

The boy looked down and put on a long face. "Home is gone.."

At this, Draquis perked an eyebrow. "Gone? What do you mean by gone, lad?"

"...Someone burned it down.."

Ah, the pain of watching flames eat up the walls and the roof of one's house. That would be hard. He couldn't imagine how he himself would fare after watching the destruction of his mansion.

"And your parents? Your family?"

The boy shook his head. "Parents died inside.. No sisters and brothers with me..."

"Tsk tsk. How horrible." Indeed. But this certainly was a grand oppurtunity. "Tell me, lad, what's your name?" Draquis crouched down to the boy's eye level.

"Ba..Bains...Bains Caloveer, sir.."



Draquis laughed. "You know me so well...Bains."

"Yeah, well.. That kind of happens when you hang around someone and watch him for over ten years."

"Hm.. Was it that short?"

"You know it was."

He sighed. "Yes, yes, I do. But how I wish it had been longer."

Footsteps. "Sir Dacohnt!" A boy whipped right in. "The roses are alive!"

He sighed...again. "They're not alive, Hawkins. Just keep away from them. Actually, just keep away from the garden, okay?"

The boy nodded then left the room in a split second.

"Living roses, huh?"

"Pranks, meant for my children and meant to annoy me. It's working, though I hate to admit it."

"Hahaha.. My compliments to whoever it is who's bothering you."

"Oh, come. You can't mean that."

"Yes, I can, and I do."

"Hmm.." He gave the man a strange look then shook his head. "Well then, I hope you're still killing yourself with too much work."



"Yes, sir!"

The lad ran into the room and stood up straight before the vampire.

"Chores done?"

"Yes, sir."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, sir."

"Hm... Do I need to check?"

"Er, if you need to, sir."

"Alright then, let's go check."

Their first stop was the kitchen. Spotless, clean, and sparkling. Especially the dishes. Yep, he loved getting his kids to do the dishwashing for him. Wait, the dishwashing? Eh.. Dishwashing. Yes, that should be right..


"Um..yes, sir?"

"You didn't happen to clean the whole kitchen, did you? When I asked you to just clean the dishes?"

The boy shuffled his feet and stared intensely at the ground. Draquis mentally sighed. It wasn't a bad thing, of course. But eh.. It was a bit much. He thought a moment then smiled and crouched down to the boy's height.

"Hey, here's what we'll do. Since you took on an extra chore, you deserve some fun, don't you think?" The boy still seemed uncomfortable. Bah, it was just cleaning.. "Come on, lad. Let's see if I can teach you something."


"Haha...very funny.." The older Bains glared somewhat at the vampire.

He shrugged it off and turned his back to the man. "Well it isn't my fault that you always overdid yourself. I never asked you to. You put the responsibility upon yourself. The Lord knows why you di-" He was forced to cut himself off to duck under an attack by blade. The weapon slashed downwards, but by that time, Draquis had already turned into air and moved a few feet behind his attacker, reforming into a solid state with his hands on his hips. "Now that wasn't very nice."

Bains slowly turned around and lowered his rapier, though he kept a good hold on it. "And that was cheating."

"You cheated first, and besides, I was caught off guard. I didn't think you'd come here to get bloody with me." He laughed humorously.

"Hmph." The blade was raised again and a fighting stance was assumed. "I'm sure you must have atleast thought of the possibility, because that's exactly what I came here to do."

Draquis shrugged again and pulled out his own rapier, and though he raised it also, he stood in a comfortable position with his hand behind his back. "I'm sure I must have also. But I believe I disregarded it..." He defended himself with a high block when the other charged, and suddenly his carefree and romantic face became dark and serious. "..because you know it is a mistake."


Draquis laughed and patted the younger Bains on the back. "Hard, isn't it? Let's try that again, shall we?" He went over to the rapier lying on the floor and collected it, giving it back to the boy then waiting until he seemed ready. Draquis also took his time getting into a readied stance. He smirked a bit. "Come on, lad, haven't got all day now." The boy attacked. The large room vibrated with the metal clangs of sword upon sword and the sharp voice of the vampire.

"Don't lose your form there! Do not lose your form!" A few more attacks from the smaller opponent. "Do not falter, do not hesitate!" A few more and then suddenly the tables turned and Draquis was the only one attacking, pushing Bains back. "If you cannot attack, you must defend, but keep on defending yourself and you cannot attack!" A louder clang sounded and the blade flew out of Bains' hand.


The rapier hit the floor and slid until it hit the wall.

Draquis held an empty hand and at his neck was Bains' sword, only a fraction of an inch from touching. Yet Draquis looked very calm, despite the dark expression.

A few silent moments passed between the two then Bains backed off. "You still treat me like a child, even after all these years. I'll kill you too easily if you keep doing that."

Draquis went over to pick up his blade. "But if I try any harder, you'd already be dead."

The other scoffed. "Oh really? Then prove it!"

The second fight commenced. Draquis still had his hand behind his back, his steps never faltering and his blade moving without hesitation. "So one surpasses my skill with the sword but Courage! I have no need to prove myself to anyone, and especially to you!" More attacking and defending was done, but in just a quick few seconds Bains found himself on the floor with the vampire's rapier pointing straight at his neck. "You've never seen my skill before, how dare you come back here to even try to fight me!"

"...I dare to do so for the same reason I dared to leave this place."

"...And what was that?"

"..." He glared up at Draq with distaste. "You know what it was."

"..Remind me."

He growled softly. "Because you're a goddamned vampire, Dacohnt. Because you're a goddamned vampire."

"So? I'm a vampire, one of eight of the most powerful. What is wrong with that?"

"What's wrong with that? You pretend to be a poet, a gentleman with taste, with manners, with skill and with intellect. A proper man that deserves to hang with only the best. But you have no soul, you have no good, no light. You seem humourous, but you're an evil existence that's not silly but cruel. You don't deserve to live. And you breed new vampires that don't even know what they are!"

"You're right, I don't deserve to live. Yes, I'm a vampire, more living than those below me but still a vampire. That is a fact and I have never even once denied it. I have never lied to you, sir. I merely never had a reason to say so. Why? I don't care for men like you, I don't care for mortals or other immortals even that are or look any older than a teenager. But I gave a damn for you. In fact, I may still do...but it's too late."

"...You can't possibly think that I'd believe that, do you? You treat these children who should be working to become men and women like slaves. Like servants. You think they're beneath you. You think they are filthy. What's the difference between a man and a child to you? One is extremely docile, the other isn't. But I wasn't that easily tricked, nope. I cracked your illusion and so you let me leave to make sure I couldn't awaken the other children. Admit it, you're a ruthless and evil vampire and that's all you'll be."

Draq snarled down at the man, his fangs showing dangerously as he violently threw down the rapier off to the side and suddenly appeared on top of Bains with both hands grabbing the front of his collar. "Parents work their children, why can't I? Have I ever treated you wrongly? Have I ever done to you anything that would be worse than the way you've been treated by other humans? Don't believe in assumptions that you know are completely wrong."

The two men stared at each other for a few moments then Draquis let go, getting up and picking up his sword. Bains got up also, catching his own sword when it was thrown to him.

"They're not wrong. I won't let your lies get to me."

"Fine.. It seems you wish for your death, so I shall give it to you."

And again their two blades clashed.


That night, Dacohnt had come back to the mansion with a lovely young noblewoman in tow. He had flattered her with all the usual romanticism and had her on the very edge of drunkenness. Unfortunately, he had also drunk just a little too much, and he'd ended up drinking from the female in one of the hallways, not even halfway to his room. He'd never even planned to bite her at all.


But that night she'd died. And the only other being who knew was the young boy that Draquis had fallen so in love with.


The body dropped onto its own petticoats with a soft thud, making the boy jump. Silence issued then the boy stepped back...turning and running away.



"" The man sputtered blood and slid off the sword and down to the dead cold floor.

"..." Draquis bent down to the dying Bains and picked out a few things from inside his coat. Standing up again, he examined them. "...Sir Bains Caloveer, Pheonix nobleman.."


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