Hello everyone!!

I know you aren't supposed to post anything that isn't a chapter pertaining to the story…however;

I wanted to let you guys know that I have been working super hard on the revisions for this story…and I will be posting them within the next couple of weeks. I know you're thinking oh man…just revisions?

Trust me! It's like reading a completely different story. I have worked out pretty much all the kinks…got rid of all the mistypes on the names and everything.

Speaking of which a lot of people have been asking about that. I am an avid poster on another fanfic sight, and this story was originally my very first Harry Potter fanfic written at the sprite age of 13 lol...which should explain the pretty amateurish writing in the first couple of chapters. When I first decided to make the transition, I was only like fifteen or sixteen and still finding my writing style. So obviously the story isn't as good as it could be.

Hopefully, with all the revisions and story line clean up as I like to call it, this story will live up to the wonderful reviews you've given me.

So keep coming back and checking in. It should be epic. Lol

I'm just kidding about the whole epic thing…maybe.