Here I stand
In this Strangeland
With you by my side
There's nothing to hide
Wandering alone
Skin colder than stone
As the days pass by
Not afraid to die
I cannot see
Right in front of me
Pain-stained eyes
Neon green skies
Nothing left here
Stay with me, my dear

As we walk, through the void
All conscience, has been destroyed
No longer, the mighty hand
Live hopeless in this place called Strangeland

Your lips are so cold
My warm hands you hold
Streetlights infested
This world is congested
Once strong, now so weak
The end's what we seek
True to my word
After all that's occurred
'Til the end of all things
The grey choir sings
I just can't conceive
All the tales you believe
We'll no longer contain
All the social pain

As we walk, down this street
The broken glass of elitism cut up our feet
Where stood mountains, now lays sand
In this empty place called Strangeland