I realize that this poem may be a bit confusing to read. It's a poem for my English class on the two different main characters in A Separate Peace - Finny, bolded; Gene, italisized; then regular is the thoughts that they share. (At first, it was three columns: on the left, Finny, in the middle, shared thoughts, and on the right, Gene. Think of a Venn diagram.) Well, read and review, please.

Two Voices

I can't let myself

I can't let myself bail

I care what
the world thinks of me

Trust me - everyone
wins at sports

The government says
the same about forts



thing is
You really can't flee

He is the good, the best
the athletic and the fair
I'll admit: people
like me are rare

At the same height...

He seems so much higher

At the same age...

He never seems to tire

My best friend...

He's really a delight
A great guy to know,
And he knows how
To fight
I like to think
I have responsibility

But I don't.

I've never done

He is a good guy at
heart, even though
he's simply mad

Besides: there hasn't
been one thing
I couldn't get myself
out of
(I hate that about him.)

We have so few doubts
Although, in happiness,
there's a drought
My greatest friend...
What would life be like without?