The moon is shining so brightly and the round surface of it seems to bring the sightseers a very pleasant feeling. Couples were seen together watching the full moon under the starry sky cuddling each other thinking about the moon princess giving them blessing but not knowing that the very full moon causes someones life in a stake of misery.

In a small housing area where the towns people had all fallen asleep except a certain house. The house was filled with neon lights surrounding it. Small laughter and the merry songs was heard. Through the window, a mother was seen cuddling her daughter and telling her bed time story. The room was filled with Gothic pictures, crosses and every furniture is almost made of silvers.

The lady finished her bed time story and the little girl was now fully asleep. Her mother kisses her forehead and off the lamp beside her bed. She quickly slipped out from the room to find her son sitting there with an unreadable expression in his face. The lovely woman really care for both of her children since the disappearance of her husband. She always warn them the danger of night and not to let them out but her son never listen.

"Jake! What are you doing? I thought you were in bed."

He turned his face and a mysterious red glint was saw on his eyes. Her mother shivered a little. Her 19 year old son had changed, she knew. She knew it all along her son have the blood of a vampire after the miserable day in her life. She had that experienced, she knew the look too well as a vampire hunter, she knew too well. She backed off from him and trying to reach for a cross in the drawer.

"Too late woman!" and he sank his teeth into his mother's neck sucking her blood. When he was completed, his mother fell down to the floor helplessly with nothing but a shocked face.

Unknown to him, his little sister had witnessed what happened to her mother but not the murderer. She tried to fight back her tears but couldn't. She let out a small gasp and unfortunately, her brother heard her. He turned his evil face towards her and walked slowly towards her. The little girl scrambled out of the way,grabbing a cross and a little knife that her mother gave it to her. The knife bought memories to her and she hold it tightly against her chest.

She hide inside the closet trying not to make any noise hoping the person will go away. The door crept silently and muffled footsteps was heard. She could feel her heart beating faster. She saw his shadow through the hole and was getting nearer. She get ready her knife and cross ready to attack.

"Jaeris? You can come out now. Every thing's fine." a soft and kind familiar voice rang through her ears. She felt so relieved to hear her brother voice and wanted to rush out and hugged him but she couldn't move.


Almost immediately the kind voice of his brother changes to a angry voice. She knew her brother was dead as well murdered by the very same person. She shook in fear and getting ready to stab whoever who attacks her.


The shadow crept closer and she saw his hands on the closest handle. One-Two and Three, the closet was opened. Jaeris sprang at her attacker and stab whoever he is with her eyes closed. A small yelp was heard and few minutes later, she heard no more, only her breathing.

She opened her eyes and found the body of the attacker and went close to him. She shook him and he made no response. She conjured up her strength and pushed the front body to face her. When she caught sight of the face, she tumbled backwards. The face of her brother with red eyes and two long teeth, his face was all burned. The knife in his heart and the cross on his face.

Tears begin to form on her eyes. She knew what she had done, she knew who had killed her mother and never she expected a person that she care and love is the murderer, is the one being murdered by her. She sat back with her arms around her knees and begin to cry silently. She has no one else but her own. Slowly she saw the body of her brother vanished into thin air and she was all alone.

The destiny of her life had just begun.

Author's Note:

This was written by me in one of the role-play and I decided to make her story longer so I post her. This is my first time and please tell me my mistakes. I am sorry for any grammar mistakes for I am terrible at grammar. Please review to tell me what you think of my chapter. Thank you!