Within a second, she found herself staring into a window with eyes practically bulging out and her throat tightens wanted so much to scream. She saw the young boy in the wedding ceremony smirking at her direction and she looked around to saw nobody but her in the streets.

She felt a cold shiver ran through her spines and she shivered involuntarily. She wrapped her arms around her body and when she noticed the boy is no longer there. She was glad and never felt that relief.

"It's cold in the outside Jaeris. Why not come in and take a shelter?" a voice came from behind her and she tensed up.

No one could possibly see me here…no one could possibly know me

She turned around and saw that boy earlier with those gleaming eyes staring back at her intensely. She gulped lightly and almost all of sudden, the little warmth in her body seems to have lost their warmness only to be replaced by chillness. She shook even more and before she could do anything, a cold hand grabs hers and leads her in to the house.

"Who are you?" she blurted out as soon as she steps into the house. He stopped.

"Your brother whom you murder Jack." His face formed an evil smirk, those eyes glowed and the memories came back pieces by pieces.


He struggled through those glowing bind around him and he nudged his brother hardly on the ribs. He heard voices outside and he was certain it belongs to Jaeris. Considering he founded her, he wanted to break out from this thing and get her out of here. They didn't have much time left.

"Will you help out a little?" he controls his anger with great difficulties as he wanted too much to scream the hell out of his brother.

"I am helping you know and for once, stop hitting me!" he hissed back.

"I will if you stop dozing off…I heard her, she's out there and we need to get to her fast!" he said it through gritted teeth, clearly showing he loses all his cool. He could hear his brother sighed and within less than a second, the binding was free.

Noel turned to look at his brother and back at the rope, confusion all showing on his face. His little brother grinned in mischief and shrugged his shoulder.

"I am the Lord of Elemental after all."

"And why don't you do that earlier?!" he has no idea why he suddenly feel like hammering his head on the wall.

"Because you didn't ask me to?" she said it with pure innocence in his voice and he glared in return.

Take a deep breath! Remember he's your brother and you are suppose to love him NOT murder him!


She could feel her laughing even in all those tense moment. She stared at the boy as if he's a big alien who just tell her that he is the reincarnation of Barney the dinosaur. How could someone actually know her name and tell her that he's been murder but no one but her and yet still alive talking to her right now.

"I'm not sure how you are able to see me but I believe that you are very well alive right now."

"Not for long and because of you I'm trapped in the book of soul." His every word hardened and he stepped forward making her to retreat herself.

"I don't under..." she started.

"But this won't happen once I kill you either you are in this form or when you are child. You could change nothing out of this."

"W-Well if I can kill you before, I can kill you now as well." She plucked out her courage.

"Then you wishes to see your friend to die both vampire and elemental." And she held her breath. She closes her eyes for a brief moment and when she reopens them, she saw them smiling at her.

"That's not going to happen when they are both very well standing behind you and about to kick the hell out of you kid." One hand capture the small boy and another punches him badly on the stomach.

The small kid seems to be unaffected by his attacks and suddenly Noel was flung back on the wall by an invisible force followed by his brother landed perfectly on top of him. He stood up from his position and flicked his fingers and few dark shadows came creeping out from the walls.

One by one Jaeris dodged their attack but failing terribly. Those creatures seem to be able to read her movement and attack her whenever they got a chance. She retreats towards Noel direction.

"I may look like a child but my powers are within me." She heard him talk but all those fighting seems to have drained down her ability to hear clearly.

"What did he say?" she shouted out suddenly feeling her voice is small that she couldn't even hear herself and she avoided herself from another deadly punch headed towards her but unfortunately the punch was able to hurt the back of the vampire.

Before the vampire could reply her question, he heard a loud screaming from the huntress and saw that another black portal has swallowed her to the dark pit and he shouted to Lemance and jumped into the portal as well. Everything inside was dark and gloomy and he couldn't sense any presence but he could hear the voice of his brother calling for him.


The first thing he saw when he woke up is the familiar scene of the castle and he sprang right up only to be held back down by the huntress. He sighed of relief when he saw here and she whispered quietly to him.

"Just keep quiet and watch." She pointed her fingers at the people in front. He noticed her expression hardened and the sight at the…

What the…king of vampire and much better looking?

"Father, what is your command?" he saw the prince bowing in front of the king and he noticed the similarities between them.

"I want you to kill her." His voice hard and sounded a little sad but being a king of the foulest creature, there was no any feeling of caring inside him.

"Kill mother?" his voice was doubtful and beside him, he could hear the huntress gasped in surprise.


He looked up in surprise and bowed immediately when he saw the expression on his father face. The king stood up from his throne and his appearance changes as he nears the mirror. It was the look of the man Jaeris saw that was married to her mother.


"I love them my dear son but I couldn't let the kingdom my father bestowed on me to die. You understand do you? When I realize I couldn't be with you mother, I had to pretend to be another man with another name and I realize it's hard for me for not able to hear her calling my name again." He turned and unexpectedly, his eyes seem to be sad and depressed.

"And my beautiful daughter, my own bloodline is nothing like me and as the prophecy has predicted, she will be my destined enemy." He kneels down beside his son and whispered into his ear softly.

"You are the only one I can count on."

"Yes father…I will kill them."

He turned to see the huntress and he was surprised there were no tears coming out from her eyes. She smiled bitterly at him and he know that her heart was filled with hatred and she whisper to him softly as the hot tears flowed down that she will kill her brother again and the father of hers.

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