I know this is going to be a mistake.

I know my voice is about to fall on deaf ears.

I know, from what I've seen here lately, that by voicing my opinion I am simply opening Pandora's Box.

But hell, that never stopped me before, so why don't I open up another can of what is known to so many on this website as fourth generation warfare.

Speaking of which I'd like to begin on that word in particular. Warfare. What does it mean? It sure is an awfully powerful word to be used to loosely in many a Fiction Press rant (notice how I didn't call it an essay?). And why, oh why does it seem there is a coalition of authors here who only seem to write when there is such an action going on?

Warfare, by definition is any of the following:

1.The waging of war against an enemy; armed conflict.

2.Military operations marked by a specific characteristic

3.A state of disharmony or conflict; strife:

4.Acts undertaken to destroy or undermine the strength of another

Fourth Generation Warfare, being specifically, all forms of conflict where the other side refuses to stand up and fight fair.

Now I have been relatively dormant lately, for many different reasons, the most important being that I only seem to find myself caring about this issue when I am bored nowadays, but I have been checking up on my fellow authors from the rants of the past, and have run across something that I may as well comment on. Though, till now I have been greatly uninvolved.

Has anyone on this website noticed that users like Mbwun, M.Flames (and his/her many, many sub-pseudonyms), SilentBlueRose, Typewriterking, Max Krugman, Darthen and a few other stragglers only seem to come out of the wood work when they can work in a team in an attempt to destroy any number of authors they have set their eyes on?

It seems as though a secret society, a League of Extraordinarily Annoying Gentlemen, if you will, has formed on Fiction Press, and I honestly think it's time somebody at least pointed it out.

Now I know I am not the only person who has discovered this, and I'm not just speaking for myself or even Raptor7435. I have noticed that on essays that deal with any kind of authoring tips, differing political views, feminism, religion, and sexual preference, a reader will find any combination of the above names, and the masks they hide behind (i.e. A Very Disappointing Author, Raptor7345, and the clone of Chris Redfield) usually attempting to demean the author through blatantly stupid insults, or simply through rude language and even harassment. I'd also like to note that for most of these authors, a good percentage of their work, and this does not stand for every name mentioned above, but it does for a few, is not original fiction, but merely essays and poetry created as an module of humiliation towards an author, who to them is inferior because of a differing viewpoint. (i.e. Typewriterking's pieces on AVDA pt.2)

It seems the soft-spot in their armor, the thing that really bands them together, the straw that breaks their camels backs (and I speak of the camels they ride through the desert while waging their fourth generation warfare) is when we other users decide to have an opinion about ANYTHING, so long as that opinion doesn't match their own.

So I guess you could say this Coalition of the Unpleasant, this Band of Blockheads, fuel the fire of their fury on nothing more then regular old, standard issue hypocrisy.

Of course I am willing to sacrifice my reputation here, but G-D strike me down if I am wrong. We are allowed to have opinions right? I mean, as people, and I'm not talking specifically people who write on this website or who work at a gas station or even people who pick up dog crap for a living, but people in general, are allowed to have opinions. Now some of these people voice their opinions by sitting on their decks, enjoying a beer, and talking with friends and family, others by chatting on AOL or MSN or even Yahoo with people clear on the other side of this beautiful planet.

Then there's us.

Yes, I said "us", and if by saying "us" you wish to accuse me of sophistry go right ahead, but keep in mind "us" is just a word. A word, similar to "we", that will aid me in voicing my opinion.

"Us", being the group of people who write here on Fiction Press dot com as a means to voice our opinions, while not going off at the same time and forcing them on others, and are accepting of the reviews we receive because we realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


Well, either way, I do have one last point to make, do you notice how this conflict is constantly referred to as warfare by the group I've mentioned? Warfare, honestly? People sitting in front of a computer screen thinking up an insult that will trump the one previously published by someone who they've never met before. I mean come on, honestly, if this is warfare, or at least as serious a warfare as some people seem to be making out to be, I'd hate to have to see what our boys and girls in Iraq are having to deal with on a day to day basis.

Because this is turning Fiction Press into ahell, so that must be even worse.

Folks, lighten up, it's a freaking website. Nothing more, nothing less. This group of authors out to demean others needs to disband, and everyone just needs to write and be reviewed, no more fighting, no more bickering, yes we can agree to disagree, but leave it at that, if it has to ever become anything more let the administration take care of it.

That's their job, and from the looks of things, we've all been giving them an extended vacation.