Too Little, Too Late


Too little love,
Too much hate
In today's world,
The one we did create

Too much betrayal,
Too little trust
Society's mold reigns supreme,
Social standards only rust

Too much violence,
Too little compassion,
Such is human nature,
It's just our cruel fashion.

Too much lying,
Too few promises kept,
Ideals fall prey to fear,
We've become too inept

Too many enemies,
Too few true friends,
And because of it all
There are only more pointless ends.

Too much chaos,
Too little peace,
A societal norm,
The fighting shall never cease

Too many disagreements,
Too few people to agree,
That the world in which we live
Isn't quite what we see

Too few look towards the future
Too many stuck in the past,
Neither shall ever know
That today can never last

Too much to lose,
Too little to gain,
For all our feeble trying,
It shall always be the same.

Too much time wasted,
Too dumb to realize
That all that we've achieved
Is naught but shallow lies

Too far gone to save us
Too little hope to spare,
Most people ignore the warning,
But to those few who may still care--

Too little, too late.


Lisa Kantenseter