Under the bright overhead light from the fluorescent light tubes of the ADU core, operative "Cobra" was checking his weapons and various gadgets for mistakes or damage.

"Hello, Cobra, ready for your mission?" asked an English man in a brown suit.

"Yeah I'm ready," said Cobra gruffly.

"Good, but before you go we have one extra thing for you."

"What? The kitchen sink?" asked Cobra joking.

"Not quite" said the Englishman, "It's a new upgrade."

"Great, more needles" said Cobra with a shudder.

"Yes, well sorry, but it has to be done," said the Englishman, brandishing a needle.

"Ok, but what does it do before you stick me?" asked Cobra, staring at the aqua-coloured liquid inside the syringe.

"It's a bio-thermitide," stated the Englishman promptly.

"In English please?" asked Cobra tauntingly.

"Well, it alters your genes to help strengthen your senses and strength, and it also increases and speeds up the blood flow to the brain, causing it to work more efficiently."

"Ok then, do it, I won't watch," the Englishman rolled up Cobra's shirt sleeve and jabbed the needle into his arm, Cobra winced.

"God damn I hate needles!" said Cobra through clenched teeth.

" I don't know why you don't like them, I mean you were once shot through your left testicle and acted like it was nothing" said the Englishman airily.

"Yeah, well this is different," protested Cobra, rolling down his shirt sleeve and leaving for the plane.

"No it's not," replied the Englishman to the air where Cobra was once standing.


On the plane, Cobra was searching through the papers of his targets when he got to the one that he wanted, it read: TOP SECRET, FOR AGENT EYES ONLY! Cobra opened the folder to find the pictures of two fourteen-year-old boys, and beneath the pictures were their names and details; they read:

" Name: James Masters, D.O.B: 2/4/91 Description: A bulky fourteen-year-old gun crazy maniac, be cautious, and don't take your eyes off him. Kill at all costs."

Cobra thought about this; it was crazy, he had to kill two fourteen-year-old boys. But a mission is a mission, and with that he turned to the second profile:

" Name: Cain Pieterson, D.O.B: 26/10/90 Description: An intelligent young boy, he may be small, but do not underestimate him, or he will kill you. Kill at all costs."

This made Cobra think about what these guys had done to make them such important kills. But he thought again that a mission is a mission.

"Fine then" he said, closing the folder, but as he did that, without warning, he passed out into unconsciousness.


It was bright and sunny in the Darling Ranges, as James Masters awoke and got up to get breakfast, to see his friend Cain Pieterson already at the breakfast table.

"Hey" said Cain chirpily.

"G'day" answered James groggily.

"How ya doin'?"

"I feel a little morningish, but otherwise I'm great"

"That's good, because we're going to Carousel to see Doom tonight with Phil and Waly, remember?"

"Oh yeah, that's right!" replied James a little more ecstatically.


Cobra awoke to the drone of the plane's engines.

"Sir, we are about to land," said the pilot's tinny voice, "Eta five minutes"

"All right" said Cobra dazedly.

"We must kill them!" said a strange voice in Cobra's ear.

"Whoa- wh, who's there?" stammered Cobra frightened.

"We must kill them for the good of the race" replied the voice.

"Who?" asked Cobra, suddenly taking a tone as if his master were there.

"The other agents" said the voice, "we must"

"Yes we must…" answered Cobra "… but how?"

"We must lure them here somehow," said the voice.

"I know," said Cobra slyly, "I'll call for backup because the targets are too dangerous."

"Yes, my friend, that is right," replied the voice coldly.