Newly appointed A.D.U. agents Skywolf and Chip awoke to the sound of a ringing telephone.

"James, will you get it?" asked Chip dazedly.

"Nah, let it ring," replied Skywolf

"Who's James?" an Englishman apparated out of nowhere.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Skywolf.

"Nice to see you too Skywolf" said the Englishman.

"Jesus Christ you scared the absolute living shit out of me Charles, remember what we went through last night?" said Skywolf angrily.

"Oh yes, sorry"

"What's going on?" questioned Chip.

"We've got a job for you two," Charles handed the boys a piece of paper with a man's name and picture on it; it looked like a mug shot.

"Who's this?" asked Skywolf.

"Well Skywolf…" Charles was cut short.

"Why the hell do you keep calling him Skywolf?" asked Chip.

"Oh yeah," exclaimed Skywolf, "Change of names, new identities remember?"

"Oh yeah that's right!"

"Yes Chip, that's right," said Charles, "You two are no longer James Masters and Cain Pieterson of Kalamunda, you are now Skywolf and Chip of the A.D.U."

"Oh, OK then, so what's the job?" Skywolf asked.

"The man you are looking at is one of the leaders of the Russian Mafia; his name is Bjarkopf Dichnicov, a ruthless killer than needs to be eliminated."

"Whoa, so we have to travel where ever, and kill this guy?"

"Yes," said Charles, "To put it that way."

"But how are we supposed to kill him?" asked Chip, "We don't have any weapons and he'll probably have tons of guards."

"Not a problem," said Charles chirpily, "Follow me."

The boys followed Charles outside to a black Lamborghini.

"Holy crap!" exclaimed Skywolf, "Is that ours?"

"That is yours Skywolf, this…" a red Porsche drove down the driveway, "Is Chips. Get in your cars gentlemen."

"What!?" screamed Chip in excitement, "But we're only 14! We can't drive!"

"On the contrary, these cars are fully steel armoured v12's and have an automated safety dodge system, which will dodge anything in your path."

"Cool!" the boys said in unison as they hopped into their respective cars. They drove after Charles' car, a Peugeot 386, to a HUGE mansion near the top hills, then they got out.

"Welcome to your new home boys" yelled Charles proudly.

"You have got to be joking" said the boys in disbelief.

"I never joke," said Charles in a flourish, "It isn't very good in my job to have a sense of humour."

"Man you must be boring!" said Chip

"Yeah, I reckon hey?" Skywolf agreed.

"Ohhh…" Charles sighed, "This way!" Charles led the boys to the big oak doors at the front of the house and pressed the doorbell. A big lady in a cleaning uniform answered the door.

"Oh, hello young masters!" she hugged them; "I am Marie, your housekeeper and maid."

"You have got to be shitting me! This day keeps getting better and better!" said Chip.

"Just wait until you see your rooms!" said Charles happily. The maid, Marie, led them into the house, and compared to how it looked outside, it was ten times bigger inside.

"This is master Chip's room," the maid said, leading them into a huge room with a four poster king size bedin the corner and other assorted cabinets.

"WHOA!!" said Chip in astonishment, "This is mine?"

"Yes," said Charles, almost bouncing off the walls, "And there's another thing." He went over to one of the walls, flicked down a hatch and pushed 000 on the pad. Suddenly the whole room went down three storeys underground to an even bigger room.

"HOLY SHIT!" said Chip, looking at the walls covered in swords and knives, and then over to another part of the big area which was covered in guns.

"OH YEAH!" said Skywolf, looking at the guns, "I'm never going to leave." He started looking at guns and stroking them as if they were his children, until he got to the Barrette M82A1, then he said "Ohh, my baby" and walked over to Charles promptly, "Can we have these on our estate?"


"And shoot them here?"


"Oh sweet! Whoa I'm dizzy from all of the excitement"

"But before you fall over, let Marie show you tho the rest of the house" Marie took the boys up to Skywolf's room, which looked identical to Chip's, and then she showed them the lavatories and everything else.

"Oh, fuck me, this is good" said Skywolf.

"Beyond belief" added Chip.

"OK boys, you've had your fun, now to get down to business. Your mission briefing."

"Cool, killing and murdering! Yay!" Skywolf said jubilantly.