Once upon a time there once lived an Indian woman by the name of Azyata. She had long black hair that went down her back and a red dot on her forehead resembling that she was not married. She was a rich woman who lived with her family in huge marble temple.

Azyata's eyes were a hazel blue that made her really stand out. She was not ugly but she was not beautiful. She was just pretty weird looking. For her eyes was the color the white man's. Her father was normal and so was her mother.

No one understood Azyata. Why were her eyes blue? " The Evil Eye of course!" her wicked blind grandmother once said to her. " What is that?" Azyata had asked. " Only the worst curse a human being could have. You don't have it…you just deliver it to your enemies," the old woman laughed.

Azyata did not want to hurt anybody until Monsieur Louis came to seek a wife. He came from France. He had green eyes, yellow hair, and was rather young and snobbish. " I want a young wife not to pretty and not to ugly. Someone who could cook very good and clean very well," he said as he walked passed the row of Indians who stood straight against the wall being inspected.

Monsieur Louis stopped and scrutinized Azyata who had glanced down at the shiny marble floor. " Head up," he demanded. She slowly lifted her head up. He was startled when he saw her beautiful yet weird eyes. " You have my mother's eyes," he said " I'll take you."

" What if I do not want to leave with you?" she asked silently. Louis was taken aback. He looked behind him to see Azyata's mother scolding her. " Have you not taught your daughter any matters? I'll gladly take her so I could teach her some!" he said sharply.

Monsieur Louis looked over at Azyata's sister and saw that she was exotically beautiful. " I'll take her too," he said and snapped his fingers. His servant handed the mother a bag of silver and golden coins.

" What is this?" the mother asked. " Gratitude," he said. " But my daughters are not for sale," she said. " My dear lady, there is more money where that came from. I must support my soon to be family," he said.

Hours later Azyata took pot of holy water and poured it over her balcony and chanted, " Please o merciful gods help me conquer this evil man. I do not want to leave my family for such an ignorant man."

Azyata then had a dream that she looked into Louis' eyes and sought into his soul. He then fell backwards and died.

When she awoke she was in her bed. She got up and walked through the hallways of the temple. Her bangles jingled so she took them off and threw them aside. It was still nighttime and the moonlight beamed through the windows of the palace.

She came into the guest room and saw Louis smoking a pipe. " What the bloody hell are you doing in here?" he said. Azyata came up to him and grabbed him by the shoulders and looked into his glass green eyes.

" What…" his last word was. Azyata's eyes beamed into his soul and saw death and hatred. When she came back to her normal self she saw him drop down on his back. His eyes wide open and his mouth filled with smoke.

An evil cackle came from behind Azyata. She turned around and saw her grandmother. " I knew it! You would use your powers sooner or later!" she said pointing her old shaken finger at her.

" Mother please tell no one!" she begged. A vicious smile overcame her face. " I understand. I will tell no one. But I'm sure that everyone would know you did it. Only the power of the Evil Eye could just stop a healthy heart."

And that's how Azyata escaped Monsieur Louis. That's how she escaped all the rude ones. The power took over her and she ruled the temple and became like her grandmother…blind.